QuadTech® Data-Driven Optimization

Data-Driven Optimization is a consulting service for printers who currently have QuadTech’s Color Control System with SpectralCam™ or AccuCam™ on commercial or newspaper presses.

This service is available in the USA, Canada, and other select regions. Call +1 414-566-7691 for details.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, we understand the pressure for printers to provide excellent results at reduced cost and waste. With thorough analysis of press performance through comprehensive data and reporting to consultations from our in-house experts, the Data-Driven Optimization program helps printers do just that.

The initial part of this service includes logging 21-30 days of press runs (averaging 50-100 press runs), examining the data, and providing you with a Color Performance Analysis Report. Following the information gathering stage, you will have a 30-minute consultation with a QuadTech expert to review the data that was retrieved.

Performance Chart

QuadTech can provide performance charts for:

  • Press level (all inclusive, for each web if multi-web)
  • Color level (composite color)
  • Surface level (all fountains on that surface)
  • Fountain level (individual fountain)
  • Preset values (per fountain)

QuadTech will also calculate average impressions to achieve target color and how that compares to other presses of the same make and model. QuadTech can also provide information as to whether or not the color is holding tolerance well throughout the job.

Try our Data-Driven Optimization program (1 report and 1 consultation) or participate on an annual basis to receive 1 report and 1 consultation per quarter. Ask about discounts for multiple presses!


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