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QuadTech® Waste Management System

For Packaging and Converting

QuadTech Waste Management System automates your converting equipment to optimize waste removal. The system uses the print inspection and process information gathered by your QuadTech® Inspection System and QuadTech® Data Central® for Inspection to keep waste out of your customers’ hands, improve efficiency and cut costs.

Features and Benefits

    Material Map and Events Log
    Material Map and Events Log
  • Reduced costs. Pinpoint accuracy enables precise waste removal and eliminates wastage of quality product.
  • Increased productivity. Defect location data speeds up the waste removal process by allowing the operator to fast-forward to the exact location of the defect.
  • Unmatched efficiency. Defect identification is faster with the system’s defect image recording. With a full color image of the defect, the operator is able to make a more informed decision rapidly.
  • Unsurpassed quality control. The Waste Management System automatically optimizes the waste removal process for your converting equipment.
  • Absolute traceability. Work order and product reports complete the audit trail for your production and waste removal processes.
  • Adaptable. Built to open standards, the system integrates fully with your existing converting equipment.
  • Unequaled Control. With printable roll and job reports, the Waste Management System gives you unparalleled access to the data you want. List data on every defect or just print a high-level overview. You can also export reports to be analyzed by third-party statistical tools to help identify unwanted production trends.


Downloads Available for this Product

PDF QuadTech® Waste Management System brochure

Waste Management System Demo

View the Waste Management System Demo Part 1 on YouTube