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QuadTech® Register Guidance System with Vector®

For Commercial and Newspaper

The QuadTech® Register Guidance System with Vector® is an automatic, closed-loop color-to-color register guidance system designed to meet the needs of both commercial and newspaper printers.


    Vector Camera
    Vector® camera
  • The Vector’s computing speed may well be the industry’s fastest.
  • Using CCD matrix camera technology, it scans the entire cylinder circumference in about five revolutions at makeready speeds.
  • Completing up to 30 captures per second with the web running up to 17,8 M/sec (3,500 ft/min), the camera quickly locks onto register marks and maintains this lock-on throughout the run, even during tension upsets, press-speed changes and roll splices.
  • This system’s speed is particularly important for maintaining register mark observation and control following register upsets such as splices or blanket washes.
  • This speed also results in superior process control, critical as press speeds and quality requirements continue to increase while run lengths diminish.
  • The camera can be placed on idlers or on unsupported webs after the last printing unit for the ultimate in control speed.
Commercial Register Guidance System Run Screen
Register Guidance System
Commerical Run Screen


  • The Vector’s faster speed allows the system to quickly find register marks, saving makeready time without the need for setup of the circumferential register-mark position.
  • It also accurately monitors and adjusts registration, reducing waste and increasing operating efficiency.
  • The Register Guidance System with Vector® resides on the QuadTech® ICON™ integrated platform, allowing all your control systems to share a single Operator Control Station that minimizes the learning curve and makes it possible to quickly preset multiple controls.
  • Camera functions can be preset with information from the press controls themselves or from the ICON™ job storage library – including mark position information based on press ink-key positions, mark format and mark-to-register motor assignment.


Vector Diagram