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QuadTech® Register Guidance System with MultiCam®

For Commercial and Newspaper

The Register Guidance System with MultiCam is a closed-loop color-to-color register control system designed to work on the ICON™ integrated platform with other QuadTech products including the Color Control System, the Ribbon Control System, and Data Central Reporting™.


  • Quicken makeready, minimize errors and reduce waste. Camera functions can be preset with information from the press controls themselves or from the ICON setup library – including mark position information.
  • QuadTech’s fan-out control software automatically keeps your system in lateral register across the full width of the web throughout the entire run.
  • Anti-embossing, another option, is designed to compensate for a variety of press and paper issues, while allowing your operators to maintain their normal blanket-wash cycle.
  • QuadTech‘s cocking control solution automatically adjusts your system’s cocking motors to realign circumferential register when plate cocking changes occur.
  • You can incorporate your choice of enhancements from an extensive portfolio of options, including ink guiding to improve print-to-slitter registration, as well as direct-printing control.
  • Newspaper Register Guidance System Run Screen
    Newspaper Run Screen

    Commercial Register Guidance System Run Screen
    Commercial Run Screen


  • Share a single Operator Control Station for all your QuadTech control systems and streamline your operations using the QuadTech® ICON™ integrated platform.
  • Greatly streamline job setup by giving your operators instant access to preset parameters for all their saved jobs.
  • Quantify your high quality for customers, and monitor and improve the performance of your presses with Data Central’s Performance Reporting Module™. With relevant, powerful data at your fingertips, you’ll boost productivity and performance, reduce makegoods, minimize rebates and reruns – and optimize your profitability.
  • You can incorporate only the features you need today without compromising your ability to add functionality in the future.
  • This system accommodates and automates many special applications, including direct printing.
  • To further automate and streamline your printing processes, you can complement your Register Guidance System with the QuadTech® Ribbon Control System with MultiCam® for ribbon and cutoff control.
  • Plus, as much as this system does for you, operator training is incredibly easy, so your pressroom can experience maximum benefits with minimal wait.


MultiCam Camera
MultiCam® Camera
  • MultiCam provides both circumferential and lateral color register control in a compact, low profile system.
  • It identifies register marks as small as 0,36 mm (0.014 in) as well as RGS, Autotron™, and other manufacturers’ marks at speeds up to 17,8 M/sec (3,500 ft/min).
  • Find marks faster during makeready and web-tension upsets with MultiCam’s industry-leading searches of 30 times per second.
  • It’s compatible with our motorized camera transport technology, allowing you to further streamline system setup.
  • Minimize scanner cleaning with MultiCam’s active OptiGuard™, which uses compressed air to keep the camera lens clean.


Register Guidance System Diagram