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QuadTech® Register Guidance with MultiCam® TRIM

For Newspaper

Register Guidance with MultiCam TRIM is a highly economical, advanced color-to-color register and cutoff control for newspaper printers.

Designed for single width, single folder newspaper applications, the MultCam TRIM system offers a streamlined set of features for simplified operation, reliably delivering perfect register for high quality print at a low cost.

MultiCam TRIM
The MultiCam TRIM camera is reliable,
durable and designed specifically for the
harsh pressroom environment.


  • Color-to-color register and full web cutoff register
  • Control up to eight towers and one folder from a single operator control station
  • Long-lasting LED lighting
  • Choose from four mark pattern options
  • Scans diamond-shaped marks as small as 0,50 mm (0.020”)
  • Find marks faster during makeready and web-tension upsets with industry-leading searches of 30 times per second
  • No calibration required—saving on maintenance costs and reducing downtime
  • Optional passive or active OptiGuard™ keeps ink mist away

Easy Operation

MultiCam TRIM User Interface
MultiCam TRIM’s simplified
and intuitive user interface

MultiCam TRIM’s simplified and intuitive user interface requires very little operator training, enabling printers to realize the benefits of the system quickly after installation, and bring new press operators up to speed immediately.

  • Press operators have immediate visibility to register problems on press
  • Quickly navigate tower-to-tower, unit-to-unit
  • Make automatic or fast manual register moves
  • Easily switch between auto and manual modes

Tiered Color Register Options—MultiCam TRIM and MultiCam Compared

MultiCam TRIM - MultiCam Comparison