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QuadTech® Ribbon Control System with MultiCam®

For Commercial and Newspaper

The Ribbon Control System with MultiCam is a computerized, closed-loop, print-to-cut and print-to-fold registration system that uses two types of compensating devices to control registration: cutoff compensators control print-to-cut registration to minimize cutoff (circumferential) error and sidelay compensators, such as angle bars, control print-to-fold registration to minimize sidelay (lateral) error.


  • To minimize waste, this system automatically makes angle-bar adjustments during startup, before ink even becomes visible.
  • Ribbon Control System Run Screen
    Ribbon Control System Run Screen
  • Options include ink-guiding cameras to enable print-to-slitter registration.
  • Standard capabilities include interfaces to equipment such as UV coaters, perforators, pattern gluers, folders, and rotary cutters.


  • It resides on the ICON™ integrated platform, which allows all your QuadTech press-control systems to share a single, user-friendly interface.
  • The ICON platform also gives your operators instant access to preset parameters for all their saved jobs, greatly streamlining job setup.
  • You can incorporate only the features you need today without compromising your ability to add functionality in the future.
  • Quantify your high quality and maximize the performance of your equipment with the QuadTech® Data Central® Performance Reporting Module™. With performance data at your fingertips, you’ll boost productivity and minimize rebates and make goods.
  • To further automate and streamline your printing processes, you can complement your Ribbon Control System with the QuadTech® Register Guidance System with MultiCam® for superb color-to-color register control.
MultiCam Camera
MultiCam® Camera


  • Installing easily with minimal mounting and electrical hardware, MultiCam® provides outstanding print-to-cut and print-to-fold register quality in a compact, low-profile system.
  • It identifies register marks as small as 0,50 mm (0.020 in) – among the smallest in the industry.
  • It’s compatible with our motorized camera transport technology, allowing you to further streamline system setup.
  • Using the same proprietary camera design as our Vector® camera, MultiCam® searches for register marks at an industry-leading 30 times per second. One advantage: exceptional control during, and recovery from, web-tension upsets.
  • MultiCam® comes complete with our passive OptiGuard™ device, which minimizes the need for camera cleaning – the only maintenance required, thanks to an LED light source that’s good for the life of the camera.


Ribbon Control System Diagram



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