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QuadTech® PDF Verification

For Packaging and Converting

QuadTech® PDF Verification is a software add-on that compares approved artwork against an actual printed sample to verify correct press setup, ensuring accuracy and quality. This allows printers to catch errors before they print.

Features and Benefits

    PDF Verification Display
    PDF Verification Display
  • Consistent, predictable results. With all decision making and measurements kept in the digital realm, you’re assured of absolute repeatability and perfect quality.
  • Improved efficiency. Original artwork is stored and easily accessible, minimizing set-up and processing time.
  • Right the first time. Ensures that the correct set of cylinders or plates is being used, identifies any defects such as damaged cylinders or plates, and verifies that ink and color station are accurately matched.
  • Enhanced accountability. Automatically stores each job, providing a solid audit trail.
  • Reduced costs. Cuts waste and potential for errors. Also eliminates the need for scanning equipment and potential for damaged samples when used with our inline Inspection System.
  • Flexibility. When used in conjunction with the QuadTech Offline Inspection System, the software optimizes quality for a range of non-reflective and reflective surfaces. For inline, it can also accommodate transparent and metallic substrates.


Downloads Available for this Product

PDF QuadTech® PDF Verification brochure