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QuadTech® Digital Ink System

For Newspaper and Commercial

The Digital Ink System is a computer controlled ink injection system that replaces traditional open fountain ink trains—or can upgrade existing "pump and rail" systems—providing more precise density control at all press speeds with significant cost savings.


    Digital Ink Distribution Head

    The Digital Ink System replaces fountains
    with computerized ink injectors, providing
    precise ink density control across the printed
    image by metering the correct volume of
    ink delivered to each control zone.

    Digital Ink Distribution Head Illustration
  • Enhanced image. While competitive systems pump continuously and use a shuttle valve to adjust the ink supply, QuadTech's system pumps the precise – rather than an approximated – volume of ink needed for the image to each key. With greatly improved ink density, image quality is optimized.
  • Precision accuracy. Our patented ink injectors combine with the speed and accuracy of computer control to generate unequaled print accuracy throughout the run.
  • Consistent quality results. Because the Digital Ink System doesn't require gap settings and associated adjustments, it produces stable image density throughout the entire print run – without the fluctuations characteristic of open fountains.
  • Eliminate contamination. The Digital Ink System means no more open fountain ink to get contaminated with paper dust and grit. That translates to immediate, large savings in ink, paper and maintenance.
  • Wide range of applications. The Digital Ink System is available for open fountain conversions as well as existing "pump and rail" inking system upgrades. Different injector configurations are available to accommodate ink viscosity differences between heatset and coldset presses.
  • Wider range of ink supply. Other injectors have only a ±5 psi (0,34 b) tolerance for supply ink pressure, which is a very tight tolerance throughout the speed range of the press. But QuadTech's system operates within the much more forgiving range of ±20 psi (1,38 b).

Conventional Open Fountain vs. Digital Ink System

Fountain vs. Digital Ink System


  • Impressive savings. The system's computer-controlled ink injectors meter and deliver the precise volume of ink required in each control zone for optimum consistency regardless of press speed. There's no lag in the acceleration phase and there's no variation in density during the start-up phase. This – and other innovative features – result in a quick return on your investment.
  • Reduce makeready and waste. As the press speed increases, the Digital Ink System's computers respond without density variation… image after image. Because the system delivers the precise volume of ink in lockstep with the press speed, you'll see significant savings in makeready time and waste, as well as reduced ink and paper usage. Plus, the system's Ink Metrics Reporting gives you the new capability to know exactly how much ink is consumed during a run.
  • Less labor. Traditional ink fountain systems require time and effort to adjust density to speed changes on every job. With the Digital Ink System, ink zones are automatically preset according to the prepress image file at job startup. The precise amount of ink needed for optimum density is consistently delivered – without manual adjustments – throughout the entire run.
  • Decrease maintenance. With QuadTech's system, your operators will spend remarkably little time doing maintenance. Digital volume metering eliminates the need to set the fountain blade assembly and pickup roller. Because the ink volume delivered by each injector key is computer controlled and doesn't rely on gap settings, gap setting for accuracy is no longer required. And since nothing touches the fountain ball, the time and costs of recalibrating and replacing worn ink keys and fountain balls are eliminated.


Digital Ink System Diagram


QuadTech Tour Demo - Digital Ink System

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