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QuadTech® Data Central® Color Print Curve Production Summary Report

The QuadTech Color Print Curve Production Summary Report provides concise, easy-to-use job summary statistics together with tone value print curves for monitoring actual results of the entire color reproduction process.


    Print Curve Report
    Print Curve Summary Report
  • Measurements show you’re printing within tonal value increase ranges defined in applicable standards such as ISO standard 12647-2.
  • Systems using SpectralCam and our Colorimetric Reporting option will provide L*a*b* and ΔE measurements.
  • Ability to display variables such as paper grade, name and weight.


  • When paper-specific attributes are entered during job setup, this data can be used in spotting material related trends.
  • Determine whether plate curves are achieving the desired effect on press.
  • Determine whether Solid Ink Density and Dot Gain values are complying with aim points for the selected standard.
  • See if defined aim points resulted in the desired gray balance or if balance shift adjustments were needed on press.
  • Track gray balance shift trends.