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QuadTech® Data Central® for Inspection

For Packaging and Converting

QuadTech Data Central for Inspection monitors, audits, stores and generates reports of both live and historical data to optimize quality control. This system takes print inspection to new levels to add traceability and accountability to your production process.

Features and Benefits

    Defect and Material Map View
    Defect and Material Map View
  • Accurate, complete information. Data Central for Inspection serves as a central repository for all of your production data, live and historical. This intelligent software remains in constant communication with your color print inspection systems, recording all activity down to the smallest defect. Access to critical data is available from anywhere within the network.
  • More effective decision making. Live data monitoring allows plant managers and operators to analyze current production data and make strategic quality decisions based on a customer’s specific requirements.
  • Unsurpassed quality control. With an unmatched level of information at your fingertips, Data Central for Inspection puts you in control of the level of quality required and enables you to consistently satisfy your customers’ needs.
  • Absolute traceability. Data storage enables analysis at the job, product or plant level. You’ll have an audit trail for every defect, roll or pallet.
  • Flexible and adaptable. Built to open standards, Data Central for Inspection integrates fully with your existing environment. It interfaces with other applications to make data openly available. It can also support multiple lines and is scalable to support your specific production environment now and in the future.
  • Reduced waste. Improved efficiencies. With the insight you need to correct inefficiencies, productivity is increased and operating costs are decreased.
  • Unequaled Control. With printable roll and job reports, Data Central for Inspection gives you unparalleled access to the data you want. List data on every defect or just print a high-level overview. You can also export reports to be analyzed by third-party statistical tools to help identify unwanted production trends.


Downloads Available for this Product

PDF QuadTech® Data Central® for Inspection brochure

Data Central® for Inspection Demo

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