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QuadTech® Data Central® Colorimetric Reports

Our Colorimetric Reporting package – available for QuadTech Color Control Systems with our innovative SpectralCam™ – is specifically designed to help you analyze and document how well your print jobs comply with print industry standards: such as GRACoL, System Brunner GlobalStandard® and ISO 12647-2.


    Colorimetric Reporting Screen
    Colorimetric Reporting Screen
  • The Color ΔE and L*a*b* Report enables you to quickly see if print run measurements are falling within the expected color gamut.
  • The Color Print Curve Production Summary shows a concise view of L*a*b*, ΔE and other key print attributes combined with tone value curves.
  • The Color Production Summary Report provides a tabular view of important job summary statistics including L*a*b* and ΔE data for both process and special colors.
  • The L*a*b* Data Export adds to our existing densitometric data export capabilities, allowing you to generate per surface export data files containing L*a*b* data. The raw L*a*b* data can then be imported into other systems or used to create your own customized report formats.


  • Our Colorimetric reporting aids in quantifying how your press is printing today. It also gives you an easy way to collect data on each job and verify if your press is staying within its optimal operating zone.
  • Our reports help you measure the stability of your color reproduction process and allow you to detect and correct process variations that impact the quality of your printed product.
  • Variables entered at job setup such as paper grade, name and weight can be used to spot material-related trends. This enables you to determine when to make necessary adjustments in prepress in order to deliver the accurate proof-to-print color matching your customers expect.


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