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QuadTech® Data Central® Reporting

For Commercial and Newspaper

Data Central is an application that receives, manages, stores, and displays data that you can use to generate reports for monitoring and improving the performance of your presses and processes. You can view graphics, reports, and charts after selecting from various filter alternatives to determine exactly which data to include in your reports and save these setups for future report generation.


Data Central Display
Data Central Display
  • Collects color, color registration and cutoff data from the QuadTech® ICON™ integrated platform control systems and generates reports that show how well the job conformed to desired tolerances.
  • Generate reports that statistically document the precise extent of any quality issues, to help ensure that you’ll be credited for the actual quality of your work.
  • Export data to create custom reports in specialized formats or to incorporate data from other systems, as well as for long-term archiving of performance information.
  • Use reports to address and negotiate customer quality claims, monitor the performance of equipment, or monitor the results achieved with various input materials (ink, paper, blankets, etc.).
  • Use the reports to demonstrate your print quality to help you bring in new business.


    Data Central Press-Side Display
    Data Central Press-Side Display
  • The Performance Reporting Module makes continuous improvement practical by facilitating post run analysis of the parameters impacting quality.
  • Collects data from other ICON platform control systems like press events.
  • Select from various filters to determine exactly which data to include in generating reports which can then be saved to make future reports a matter of a few keystrokes.
  • Reports and charts can be displayed at any ICON operator control station for immediate press-side review or for viewing remotely from a desktop PC.


Data Central Reports & Reporting Options

Color Print Curve Production Summary Report

Colorimetric Reports