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QuadTech® Color Measurement with SpectralCam™

For Packaging and Converting

QuadTech Color Measurement uses our innovative SpectralCam to accurately measure the spectral response and calculate L*a*b*, ΔE, Density and ΔDensity... all at full press speeds. Our patented web stabilizer expands your ability to achieve accurate color faster on a variety of substrates.

Features and Benefits

SpectralCam on Film
QuadTech Color Measurement with
SpectralCam enables accurate in-line
color measurement for the widest
variety of substrates.
  • Consistent, predictable results. With the ability to measure color throughout the entire roll, you're assured of accurate, repeatable color quality. Our web stabilizer uses a constant, known backing that moves with the camera to provide consistent spectral response. It also eliminates the need for mechanical positioning devices that may stretch or damage substrates.
  • Fast, accurate color. Smart spectrophotometer technology enables the system to quickly detect and analyze colorimetric and density variations from targets located anywhere within the product while the press is running. Our optional high-resolution dot viewing gives your operators unprecedented ability to view dot reproduction and diagnose problems quickly.
  • Unmatched flexibility. Our web stabilizer provides accurate in-line spectral color measurement on the widest range of packaging substrates, including paper, foil and polyethylene and polypropylene films.
  • Improved productivity. Significant time is wasted when your operators have to stop the press and remove a section of the web to measure color. In-line measurements eliminate that time-consuming process.
  • Reduced waste. Less stopping and starting the presses combined with faster makereadies equals decreased waste.

    Deck View - Ellipse
    Operators can quickly determine if L*a*b*
    measurements are within tolerances.
    Deck View - Camera HD
    A high-resolution view of dot structure enables
    operators to quickly identify any issues.


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FLEXO Magazine: Color Management Matters—The Growing Demand for Color Perfection


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