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Color Measurement with DeltaCam™

For Packaging and Converting

BALDWIN Vision Systems’ Color Measurement with DeltaCam makes advanced, inline spectral measurement affordable. For about half the cost of other inline systems, you can utilize accurate, automated L*a*b* measurement on film, paper or board—ensuring that all printed product is within your customers’ color specifications.

Reduce time and waste while confidently maintaining color throughout the roll, without the need to wait for a roll change to measure with a handheld spectrophotometer. CI flexo, inline flexo, and gravure press operators can spot problems before going out of spec, make corrections quickly and eliminate waste—dramatically reducing customer complaints and rebates.

Features & Benefits

DeltaCam provides accurate inline spectral
measurements, reducing waste and ensuring
all printed products are within your
customers’ color specifications.
  • Inline spectral color measurement using a true 31-channel spectrophotometer
  • Quickly detect and analyze colorimetric and density variations from targets located anywhere within the product while the press is running.
  • Strict adherence to ISO standards
  • Complies to M1 and M0 measurement conditions
  • Spectral measurement with 3nm resolution (400nm to 700nm)
  • Easy-to-use operator user interface requires little training.
  • LED illumination provides stable output, greatly extended life, and is easily calibrated—creating ideal conditions for precise color measurement.
  • Meet or exceed brand owner expectations.
  • Advanced optical design delivers low stray light, ensuring high repeatability.
  • Calculates L*a*b*, ∆E, Density, and ∆Density at press speeds up to 610 m/min (2000 ft/min), and on web widths up to 2896mm (114 inches).

    Deck View - Ellipse
    Operators can quickly determine if L*a*b*
    measurements are within tolerances.
  • Option to measure color from most register web marks, saving the high cost of engraving custom color patches
  • The optional patented web stabilizer (required for film) increases color measurement accuracy on the widest range of packaging substrates—by stabilizing the web during measurement and utilizing ISO-conforming black & white reference tiles for transparent materials.
  • The web stabilizer enables precise measurement of substrate opacity.
  • DeltaCam automatically validates its accuracy over BCRA reference tiles every 15 minutes to ensure that it is measuring precisely and consistently.
  • Costly periodic maintenance and service repairs are eliminated, as the system recalibrates automatically.
  • Rare instances that require DeltaCam to be manually maintained or calibrated can be performed on-site by a regular maintenance person.
  • The highly adaptive and upgradeable system has been designed for very easy installation, maintenance, and serviceability.
  • Excellent measurement agreement with the most widely used handheld instruments. With the web stabilizer, agreement of less than 1∆E00 is achieved.
  • Store and quickly recall commonly-run jobs, set up next jobs remotely, set up the next job while the current job is running.
  • Reduce makeready time and waste, and confidently maintain production without the need to stop the press for handheld measurements.
  • Eliminate at least one press stop on every makeready.
  • DeltaCam technology uses a combination of spatial cameras to quickly locate and maintain tracking of the target patches as the substrate is moving.
  • Color control and reporting capabilities are available when DeltaCam is combined with ColorTrack™.
  • Delivers absolute color consistency press-to-press, shift-to-shift, and plant-to-plant.
  • Ensures that no out-of-spec product gets to your customers.
  • Provides a new competitive advantage to attract brand owners and print buyers.


Downloads Available for this Product

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