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QuadTech® Color Control with SpectralCam™

For Packaging & Converting

Brand owners demand unwavering color consistency, high quality, and repeatability from packaging printers. QuadTech’s Color Control with SpectralCam delivers unmatched color quality for web offset on flexible substrates, and dramatically reduces waste.

Our innovative SpectralCam accurately measures the spectral response and calculates L*a*b*, ΔE, Density and ΔDensity…all at full press speeds. The patented web stabilizer expands your ability to achieve consistent, top-quality color from start to finish. Your customers get more options to differentiate their packages. You get a stronger competitive edge.

SpectralCam sensor
SpectralCam accurately measures the spectral
response and calculates L*a*b*, ΔE, Density
and ΔDensity…all at full press speeds.

Automated, Inline, Closed-Loop Color Control. Make all the right ink key moves—precisely and consistently. Take the guesswork out of achieving color targets. Spectral-based closed-loop control means faster, easier color OKs, reduced makeready time and enhanced productivity.

For flexible substrates: film, paper, foil. Our patented web stabilizer uses ISO-conforming black and white ceramic reference tiles—a constant, known backing—that moves with the camera to provide consistent spectral response, and allows color control on transparent and opaque substrates.

Monitoring and Reporting. Real-time display of important print attributes arms your operators with valuable information to assess product quality and press performance. Monitor and prove your adherence to industry standards. Minimize rebates and reruns with quantified job quality reports using Data Central® Performance Reporting Module.

Other Features & Benefits

  • Save time and money by eliminating press stoppages caused by color issues. Streamline startup and maintain color quality throughout the entire press run.
  • Quickly and easily recall frequently-run jobs to preset ink key levels with the intuitive user interface. Reduce job preparation time, maximize your press run time.
  • Import CIP3 and CIP4 files for first-time job runs.
  • Selected Ink Zones
    The intuitive user interface displays color measurements.
    Zoom in on selected ink zones to display L*a*b* values.
  • Resides on the ICON™ integrated platform, allowing all your QuadTech press control systems (including inspection and register) to share a single user-friendly interface, eliminating re-entry of data and minimizing equipment setup time.
  • SpectralCam’s smart spectrophotometer technology enables the system to quickly detect and analyze printed color bars at full press speeds.
  • Patented adaptive control methodology adjusts the press to maintain accurate control over four-color process, extend gamut, and spot colors (up to 10 colors total) throughout the run.
  • SpectralCam provides accurate ISO/ANSI Status E and Status T density measurements, and print characteristics.
  • L*a*b* and ∆E values are calculated shown on screen, and reported when using SpectralCam with our Data Central Colorimetric Reporting option.
  • Visual and audio alarms alert operators to errors and out-of-tolerance conditions, allowing for prompt resolution and minimum impact on production.
  • Precisely control color of a full substrate width, selected impression width, or even individual ink zones.
  • Conforms to ISO standards minimum colorbar patch sizes: 5x5mm for film, 3x3mm for paper.
  • Measure up to twelve 3x3mm colorbar patches simultaneously, including spot colors and extended gamut.
  • Reduce your spot color ink costs by printing with extended gamut.
  • Web Stabilizer
    The web stabilizer uses short bursts of
    pressurized air to gently bring the substrate
    into close proximity with a white or black
    ceramic backing tile for accurate color
  • With the web stabilizer, measure substrate and base coat opacity on film, transparent film, opaque film, or paper.
  • Smart, proprietary algorithms track and compensate for web stretch and web weave.
  • Unique, patented design overcomes inter-specular variation in measurement on film.
  • The configurable Intelipix feature ignores aberrations and damaged areas of a patch to deliver accurate measurement.
  • SpectralCam is QuadTech’s third-generation spectrophotometer, based on performance-proven technology providing closed-loop control since 2008—over 750 installations.
  • Can be retrofit on existing presses or installed on new presses.
  • Excellent return on investment.

Color Control with SpectralCam Diagram


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