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QuadTech® Color Control System with Instrument Flight® & SpectralCam™

For Commercial

The Color Control System with Instrument Flight, plus L*a*b* and TVI, and featuring technology pioneered by leading international color specialist System Brunner controls not only solid ink density, but three-color gray balance and midtone dot gain.


    SpectralCam sensor
    SpectralCam™ sensor
  • SpectralCam’s smart spectrophotometer technology enables the system to quickly detect and analyze printed micro color bars at full press speeds.
  • Real-time display of key print attributes arms your operators with valuable information to assess product quality and press performance.
  • Patented adaptive control methodology adjusts the press to maintain accurate control over four-color process and special colors throughout the run.
  • Keep every print job within G7® specifications by continuously monitoring and controlling print production to G7 metrics.
  • Visual and audio alarms alert operators to errors and out-of tolerance conditions, allowing for prompt resolution and minimum impact on production.
  • Resides on the ICON™ integrated platform, allowing all your QuadTech press control systems to share a single user-friendly interface, eliminating re-entry of data and minimizing equipment setup time.
Color Control System Run Screen
Color Control System Run Screen
  • SpectralCam measures up to 12 patches in a single image capture and provides accurate ISO/ANSI Status E and Status T density, dot gain, trap and print contrast measurements.
  • L*a*b* and ΔE values are also calculated and reported when using SpectralCam with our Data Central Colorimetric Reporting option.
  • Gray balance control is easier and more flexible than ever using Balance Navigator. You’ll be able to achieve product approval for your customers in record time.
  • Balance Navigator automatically and consistently calculates which inks to increase or decrease to achieve the proper color shift result.
  • Color Control System Color Consistency Comparison
    Color Consistency Comparison
  • The color of an entire surface, a selected page, or even individual ink key zones can be shifted to a new three-color gray balance set point.
  • The three-color contrast/weight can be modified on the fly, while still maintaining three-color gray balance.
  • Expand Data Central’s capability with our Colorimetric Reporting option, which offers a variety of reports that include L*a*b* and ΔE information.


  • Minimize rebates and reruns with quantified job quality.
  • Streamline startup to save time and money.
  • Make all the right moves – precisely and consistently – with Balance Navigator®. Take the guesswork out of balance modification.
  • Monitor and improve job and equipment performance with powerful statistical reports on density, dot gain, trap and print contrast using Data Central® Performance Reporting Module™.
  • Automate equipment configuration and improve job data integrity using Data Central® Automated Setup Module™.


Color Control System with Instrument Flight Diagram


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