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QuadTech® Color Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCam™

For Commercial and Newspaper

The Color Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCam™ is a closed loop color control system that is designed to work on the ICON™ integrated platform. It uses a proprietary 6-channel spectral sensor and our patented technology to provide CIELAB-based color control. It also provides fast detection of scumming, plate verification, and other inspection capabilities.


    AccuCam Camera
    AccuCam™ camera
    AccuCam Run Screen
    The Color Control Run Screen is intuitive
    and easy to navigate.
  • Our patented color control technology automatically adjusts color throughout the run for consistent top-quality color from start to finish. The result is instant labor savings.
  • Web inspection that catches errors automatically at startup and during the press run.
  • Water control to maintain the ideal balance of ink and plate dampening.
  • The ability to rapidly adjust density compensation and maintain quality.
  • Our unique 6-channel spectral sensor technology has no competition when it comes to accuracy and consistency. That means minimized operator intervention.
  • Consistent color and ink fountain ball control to avoid overinking and reduce ink usage.
  • Quick detection of plating errors.
  • Notification of scumming at initial onset for quick adjustment by the operator.
  • Built to work with QuadTech’s ICON™ integrated platform, our system enables operators to run multiple press controls from a single operator control station.
  • Our intuitive user interface has minimal screens and buttons. No need to navigate through extensive screens to accomplish the job.


  • Unequaled speed and reliable accuracy from start-up through end of run.
  • Consistent color, ink fountain ball and water control to avoid overinking, optimize water and ink balance, and reduce ink usage.
  • Exceptional quality and accuracy to eliminate advertiser rebates.
  • Enhanced color quality and elimination of unsightly bars, which enables you to handle more demanding color projects.
  • Reliable plate verification to simplify the printing of variable ads, editions and inserts.
  • Early warning of possible plate crack-out to avoid major equipment damage and extensive downtime.
  • OptiGuard™ to keep lens free of contaminants and reduce cleaning frequency.
  • Long-lasting LED lighting for fewer bulb changes and minimized downtime.
  • Ink Zones in Tolerance
    These graphs show the difference in color quality between manual newspaper runs (left) and runs controlled with the Color Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCam (right). AccuCam's level of consistency combined with automatic inspection gives you the ability to meet growing customer needs with less labor. It also cuts your ink, paper and energy usage for higher profitability.


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