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QuadTech® Autotron™ Gravure 2200

For Publication Gravure

The Autotron™ Gravure 2200 Register Guidance System is an integrated, flexible and cost-efficient tool for minimizing waste and improving print quality across gravure printing applications.


    Autotron™ Scanning Head
    Autotron™ Scanning Head
  • Patented, high-speed electronic mark recognition finds register marks within a few revolutions of print first appearing and starts controlling registration immediately.
  • A solid-state detector electronically tracks the marks laterally without the need for a motorized head and without risking mark loss during restarts and splices.
  • Steam and dryer-control algorithms are optimized to minimize energy costs.
  • Optional ribbon control reduces waste copies, bleed-page problems, and general print misalignment, as well as costly folder jams and downtime.
  • Patented ribbon-length head system automatically compensates for misalignment using marks for fast, hands-free registration.
  • Revolutionary control algorithm automatically adjusts to changing press conditions, maintaining an optimized performance profile throughout the print run.
  • Tilt and Fit capability provides precise moisture-compensation and tiltregistration control upon startup.
  • Optional ribbon control includes both cutoff and sidelay to help your operators maintain consistent quality even during starts, restarts, and reel changes.
  • Optional interface to high-speed brushless servo motors enables fast, precise control at speeds up to 20 m/s (3,937 ft/min).
  • Backup register control ensures proper alignment of print on both sides of the web to safeguard quality while preventing waste.


  • Whatever components you choose, your operators will find it easy to achieve excellent print quality to meet all applicable international standards, including ERA and GAA.
  • The Autotron Gravure 2200 delivers a high level of automation, letting your operators preset everything from job parameters to scanning-head positions and enabling compensator pre-alignment.
  • It promotes a fast, hands-free makeready, which in turn frees your operators to concentrate on other aspects of pressroom operation.
  • It’s easily controllable via an intuitive touch screen running on the Microsoft Windows® operating system.
  • The system can be quickly configured to suit any press applications – and to amass a wealth of detailed press-management information in support of continuous improvement initiatives.


Autotron 2200 Diagram