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Why Upgrade?

Modular Autotron to QuadTech® Autotron™ 2600 with ClearLogic™

Modern Scanning Technology

A new generation of miniature scanning heads give you improved access and a maintenance-free, long-life LED light source for safety, economy, and durability. Specialized solid-state scanning heads deliver far greater detection ability of pale and low-contrast marks, including detectable varnishes, lacquers, UV inks, and cold seals. By upgrading, you’ll be employing up-to-date technology and measurement algorithms.

Faster Performance, Real Cost Savings

Just-in-time manufacturing and shorter runs have become standard in the packaging industry. And they’re making fast, downtime- and waste-minimizing changeovers and startups absolutely mandatory. Fortunately, that’s precisely what the Autotron 2600™ with ClearLogic™ delivers. Built-in diagnostics and status indicators provide fast fault finding and reduced down time. Upgrading to the fastest, most reliable technology in the industry will ensure many years of speed, productivity, and waste savings.

Greater Flexibility

You’ll have the ability to run in Single Channel mode, whereby the system can reference any register mark to any other mark, allowing job operation where there is a break in the mark sequence or where the previous mark is undetectable. You’ll also have the ability to run jobs in reverse mark order—allowing automatic start up, reducing job run times and waste. Options for registering the reverse side of the web to the first side include: Mark to Mark (transparent web, mark to mark), Front to Back (opaque web, mark to mark), System B Differential (length and sidelay mark to cylinder), and System B (length mark to cylinder).

Clearly Easier

The easy-to-use touch screen display features Autotron 2600’s new ClearLogic™ user interface, streamlining operation and reducing set-up times. The enhanced “Scope Screen” view (right, bottom) provides a clear and easy-to-understand display of the scanning head signals, to assist in the operation of the equipment and to easily diagnose running problems.

Unrivaled, Increased Support

Upgrading to the Autotron™ 2600 with ClearLogic™ allows for remote troubleshooting through our 24/7 Help Desk. The built-in modem connection allows our engineering support personnel to rapidly diagnose and resolve problems.

Full 1-Year Warranty, Continuing Support

The Modular Autotron has been superseded for a number of years, and obsolescence of parts makes maintenance difficult and expensive. The newer parts will give you the advantage of a full warranty for 12 months from installation, as well as the full on-going technical support offered on all new QuadTech systems.

A Fraction of the Cost of Buying New

By making use of the existing motor drive chassis, mounting hardware, and scanning bars and brackets, installation costs—and therefore time—are greatly reduced in comparison to installing a complete new system. There will be no need to re-lay the cables and connections to the motors. And printing units don’t need to be modified in any way—because the new system has been designed to fit the existing bars and scanning geometry.

Additional Options

Upgrading gives you the option to add latest H620 “Special Applications” scanning heads for detecting cold seal, varnish, UV, etc.— allowing jobs currently run with manual register (web–cylinder) to be run automatically. This allows for faster production speeds, reduced job run time, less waste, and reduced operator resources. Note that this may be limited to specified types of print units, and would be subject to additional costs. Lab trials on samples can be conducted to establish the best approach for you.

…and more.

For a full list of features and benefits, visit the QuadTech® Autotron™ 2600 with ClearLogic™ product information page.

Contact your QuadTech Sales Representative to learn more about this upgrade.

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QuadTech MiniCam
The QuadTech MiniCam


Autotron 2600 Run Screen
Autotron 2600 Run Screen


“Scope Screen” View
“Scope Screen” View

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