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Why Upgrade?

RGS IV to QuadTech® Register Guidance System with MultiCam®

Faster Performance, Real Cost Savings

Find marks 30%+ faster during makeready and web-tension upsets with MultiCam's industry-leading searches of 30 times per second. Compared to your RGS IV, the Register Guidance System with MultiCam® can reduce impressions to makeready by 27%, impressions for blanket washes by 62%, and impressions for speed changes by 37% (see table, right).

Brand New ICON™ System with Full 1-Year Warranty

Efficiency is a primary ICON™ goal. Share a single Operator Control Station for all your QuadTech control systems and streamline your operations using the QuadTech® ICON™ integrated platform. Your staff can quickly recall and apply stored job setup data for all networked press controls. This eliminates the need for (and errors associated with) manual re-entry of such data, providing you with makeready savings in terms of equipment setup time, labor and materials.

Unrivaled, Increased Support

Upgrading to the QuadTech® ICON™ platform allows for remote diagnostics through our 24/7 Help Desk. It's easy for any company to promise long-term support. But how many computer-based products can you name that have been fully supported by the manufacturing company for over 24 years? QuadTech's proven performance with the RGS IV isn't unusual…for QuadTech. But it's unheard of in our industry. Upgrading to the fastest, most reliable technology in the industry will ensure many years of speed, productivity, and waste savings. Owners of 15,000 MultiCam® cameras can't all be wrong!

Maintenance Free LED Lighting, OptiGuard™ Equipped

Take full advantage of QuadTech's breakthrough MultiCam® camera technology, developed specifically for register control and the harsh press environment. Minimize scanner cleaning with MultiCam's active OptiGuard™, which uses compressed air to keep the camera lens clean. No more lamp replacements!

ICON™ Integrated Platform Enables Future Growth

As the months and years unfold, you'll be able to expand your ICON™ network as needed, easily and affordably. You'll be able to integrate each new press control system—such as the Color Control System, Ribbon Control System, and Data Central Reporting—cost-effectively, without the need to invest in stand-alone press interfaces and Operator Control Stations.

Easier for Operators

Greatly streamline job setup by giving your operators instant access to preset parameters for all their saved jobs. Camera functions can be preset with information from the press controls themselves, or from the ICON™ setup library—including mark position information.

MultiCam® Allows for Anti-Embossing

Anti-embossing is designed to compensate for a variety of press and paper issues, while allowing your operators to maintain their normal blanket-wash cycle. Print quality is improved with less ink build-up, especially when opposite print surfaces show a large difference in ink coverage.

Smaller Marks, New Mark Formats

Smaller marks and more flexible patterns may help with web width reductions. MultiCam® provides both circumferential and lateral color register control in a compact, low-profile system. It identifies register marks as small as 0,36 mm (0.014 inches) as well as RGS, Autotron™, and other manufacturers' marks at speeds up to 17,8 M/sec (3,500 ft/min).

Contact your QuadTech Sales Representative to learn more about this upgrade.

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Cost Savings


Impressions to makeready:

Annual savings in impressions, based on 5 makereadies per day, 250 printing days per year.

Blanket Washes

Impressions for blanket washes:

Annual savings in impressions, based on 10 blanket washes per day, 250 printing days per year.

Speed Changes

Impressions for speed changes:

Annual savings in impressions, based on 5 speed changes per day, 250 printing days per year.


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