QuadTech Color Control System installed on Vuye Flexible Packaging’s new DGp Thallo Press

DGp Thallo Press

QuadTech technology showcased with new press at Open House

Sussex, Wisconsin, USA—23 June, 2015—QuadTech today announces the installation of a QuadTech® Color Control System with SpectralCam™ on the newly launched DG press (DGp) Thallo Press. Purchased by Vuye Flexible Packaging, one of the world’s first customers for the press, the QuadTech system will provide closed-loop color control for reduced waste and fast make-readies.

Using QuadTech technology to automatically measure and control color on its new Thallo press for both paper and film, Vuye Flexible Packaging will be able to ensure accurate color information for the entire web and throughout the print run. It will also allow them to profit from a streamlined workflow for increased job turnaround and production efficiencies.

With an expected delivery of late June 2015, Vuye Flexible Packaging’s new DGp Thallo press will be used to produce a range of packaging applications including labels, flow wraps, sachets and shrink sleeves. Recently demonstrated at a DGp Open House event in Hall, the Netherlands, the new press was chosen for its ability to provide quick and low-cost job change-overs, high quality print and low waste.

DGp commented that the QuadTech Color Control technology perfectly complements its new press, enabling it to deliver the best possible end product to customers.

Commercial Register Guidance System Run Screen
QuadTech’s SpectralCam technology automatically
measures and controls color on the new
DGp Thallo press.

“We are always looking for technology that can make our customers’ lives easier, and their equipment more reliable and profitable,” commented Peter Kloppers, Director, DGp. “We are pleased to be able to further enhance our presses through the use of QuadTech’s technology. Combined with our new Thallo press, the Color Control solution will provide not only improved performance but will also reduce waste. Together, this means that we are able to address one of the key market concerns for customers.”

QuadTech’s smart SpectralCam technology enables the system to quickly detect and analyze printed micro color bars at full press speeds on paper or film substrates. Coupled with QuadTech’s web stabilizing system, spectral color measurements of transparent and opaque web material are possible on-the-fly without risk of substrate corrugation. Obtaining the right color quickly and maintaining color quality throughout a print run provides new levels of color accuracy and assurance to converters and brand managers that color specifications have been met.

“We are extremely confident in the capabilities of the Thallo press and in QuadTech’s technology – it was a delight to share this with so many customers and industry professionals during our open house event,” continued Kloppers. “We are hopeful that this marks the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership with QuadTech, and we look forward to being able to bring the benefits of our combined expertise to many future customers.”

About DG press

DG press is a company of the DG press GrouP. The company is privately owned and directed by Remko Koolbergen and Peter Kloppers, and was founded in 2009 after the banckrupcy of Drent Goebel. The DG press GrouP focused initially on servicing the installed base of Drent machines worldwide, quickly extending its activities to the reconfiguring, refurbishing, upgrading and trading of pre-owned presses. After 2 years, the former Drent building was purchased and the company began developing and building new printing machines (Vision and Thallo). DG press has now been actively involved in production with web offset printing presses for flexible packaging applications for more than 20 years, with approximately 70 skilled employees and over 90 customers printing flexible packaging.

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