QuadTech to highlight business boosting solutions at Converflex 2015 in Milan

Color quality and waste saving solutions to enable Italian businesses to succeed

Sussex, Wisconsin, USA—14 May, 2015—At Converflex 2015 (19-23 May, Milan, Italy), QuadTech will present its comprehensive range of color quality and waste saving solutions for packaging printers and converters.

On the QuadTech and ColorConsulting stand (P21 R22), the company will demonstrate solutions for Italian flexo, gravure, and offset packaging printers and converters to remain ahead in an increasingly competitive environment. QuadTech’s products offer the capabilities to significantly reduce press waste, offer superior color quality and reduce job turnaround times.

QuadTech Inspection System Cameras
The QuadTech SpectralCam™ delivers L*a*b* data for
precise, cost-effective color management—in the image,
in-line, on paper or film substrates.

“Printers are continuously facing demand for high color quality print, delivered quickly and with ever declining margins,” said Stephan Doppelhammer, QuadTech Market Manager for Packaging. “We will use Converflex to present our products to the Italian market, and demonstrate how we can help them meet these trends head on and succeed. Our portfolio of profit-driving automated solutions helps to streamline operations, as well as enhance business growth. By improving workflow efficiencies, reducing waste and improving color quality, we enable print houses to take back control and reduce costs.”

Products highlighted at the show include:

The QuadTech® Color Quality Solution enables less downtime, faster makeready and reduced waste. It achieves this by continuously measuring pre-defined color targets, loaded into the QuadTech® Color Measurement System with SpectralCam™, so that any deviations are captured and rectified immediately. The system automatically shares color data between QuadTech's inline spectral color measurement technology, X-Rite's offline Ink Formulation Software (IFS) and ink dispensing systems. The data is analyzed and if perfect color is not achieved, a new ink recipe is quickly and accurately formulated.

QuadTech Color Quality Solution
The QuadTech Color Quality Solution enables automatic sharing and processing of color data between in-line color control and off-line color measurement industry leaders.

For quality assurance the QuadTech® Inspection System offers 100% inspection, across 100% of the substrate width, 100% of the time. The solid-state lighting system produces perfect illumination with no variation over time, enabling the product to be seen at its lowest level of granularity. In addition, the integrated solution can be adapted with components to meet the specific needs of a printer, from basic inspection to a closed loop end-to-end solution.

QuadTech Inspection System Cameras
The QuadTech® Web Viewing
System is appropriate for every
roll-to-roll application and any
packaging substrate.

For real-time viewing, the QuadTech® Web Viewing System enables the operator to see defects by viewing the moving web, without the wasted time of taking samples. Used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with the QuadTech® Inspection System, the solution allows uninterrupted printing at maximum speed, increasing the efficiency of the operators’ time. The resolution level and monitor sizes can be customized, allowing the user to adapt the solution to best meet their needs. QuadTech’s SpectralCam™ delivers L*a*b* data for precise, cost-effective color management—in the image, in-line, on paper or film substrates.

Another product for converters is the QuadTech® PDF Verification software that offers consistent, predictable results. To ensure absolute repeatability and perfect quality, the system compares final artwork against a printed sample, allowing printers to get the setup correct first time, and catch any errors before they begin to print. The original artwork is also stored and easily accessible, minimizing set-up and processing time.

Additional systems that QuadTech will present at Converflex, include the Autotron™ 2600 with ClearLogic™ Register Guidance System, a cost-efficient tool that minimizes waste and improves print quality—particularly useful for decorative printing applications. The QuadTech® Data Central® for Inspection takes print inspection to new levels. It does this by adding traceability and accountability to the production process, while the QuadTech® Waste Management System automates converting equipment and utilizes information from the Data Central system to improve efficiency and optimize waste removal.

QuadTech Inspection System Cameras
With the Color Measurement System with SpectralCam,
operators can quickly determine if L*a*b* measurements
are within tolerances.

About BALDWIN | Vision Systems (formerly QuadTech)

BALDWIN’s Vision Systems division is the world’s leading innovator of advanced color and inspection technology for the printing industry. BALDWIN | Vision Systems sells its automated control systems in more than 100 countries to the packaging and converting markets, web offset newspaper and commercial markets, and publication gravure market. BALDWIN maintains a worldwide network of sales and service operations, and is privately owned by BW Forsyth Partner, the investment arm of multi-billion dollar global manufacturing and engineering consulting firm Barry-Wehmiller.


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