Discover how to achieve absolute repeatability and perfect quality with QuadTech at ICE USA 2015

Sussex, Wisconsin, USA—3 February, 2015—QuadTech announces its participation at ICE USA 2015, Booth 931, (Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, February 10-12, 2015). The company will present its latest business boosting products that enable converters to make significant cuts in press waste, set-up and job turnaround times.

Commercial Register Guidance System Run Screen
The QuadTech SpectralCam™ delivers L*a*b*
data for precise, cost-effective color
management—in the image, in-line,
on paper or film substrates.

Karl Fritchen, QuadTech President, comments, “Exhibiting at ICE, the largest converting-focused show in North America, is the ideal platform to update the market on the positive results we're continually providing for packaging printers. The market is under pressure to achieve high quality and consistent output from multiple locations, and automated press controls are a must-have to make this possible. Visitors can hear how productivity has been transformed at numerous customer sites with our range of color, inspection, waste reduction and data management technology.”

For flexo and gravure printers, the Color Quality Solution dramatically reduces ink and substrate waste by automatically sharing color data between QuadTech’s inline spectral color measurement technology, X-Rite’s offline Ink Formulation software and ink dispensing systems. It receives and stores all job parameters, such as color targets, ink quantities, viscosity, substrate type and run length. Results include simple set-up, decreased makeready time and the elimination of unpredictable manual intervention. This utilizes the QuadTech Color Measurement System with SpectralCam™, which measures the multiple pre-defined color targets throughout the print run to ensure accurate, repeatable color quality.

QuadTech Color Quality Solution
The QuadTech Color Quality Solution enables automatic sharing and processing of color data between in-line color control and off-line color measurement industry leaders.

Inspection for ultimate accuracy

Additional software extensions for absolute repeatability and perfect quality include QuadTech PDF Verification. This allows printers to catch errors before the print run, measuring a start-up copy against the original artwork to verify correct inks, cylinders or plates. While QuadTech’s Web Viewing System delivers real-time digital viewing of automated corrections for uninterrupted error-free printing.

QuadTech Inspection System Cameras
The QuadTech® Inspection System utilizes
the most sophisticated defect analysis in the
industry to provide true 100% inspection on
100% of your print or non-print product,
web or sheet, 100% of the time.

Also transforming businesses is the QuadTech Inspection System™. Installations have reduced production costs, delivered products to market faster and opened up new business opportunities for customers. The fully automated system inspects 100% of the web 100% of the time, including challenging thin and reflective substrates, providing total quality assurance and consistent output.

In parallel, QuadTech DataCentral® for Inspection provides all live and stored job data such as raw material use and defect frequency. Benefits of this system include the ability to show customers consistent results, as well as the option to control waste removal. Here, the QuadTech Waste Management System can eliminate the loss of quality product by pinpointing the exact sections of substrate with defects to cut.

The QuadTech Autotron™ 2600 with ClearLogic™ Register Guidance System is also a cost-efficient tool for precise register, particularly essential for decorative applications. Ideal for a variety of materials including foil, film and paper, as well as nonprint processes such as die-cutting. It can detect a wide range of pale and low-contrast marks at variable press speeds, as well as detectable varnishes, lacquers, UV inks, and cold seals with a fast, easy, and calibration free set-up.

About BALDWIN | Vision Systems (formerly QuadTech)

BALDWIN’s Vision Systems division is the world’s leading innovator of advanced color and inspection technology for the printing industry. BALDWIN | Vision Systems sells its automated control systems in more than 100 countries to the packaging and converting markets, web offset newspaper and commercial markets, and publication gravure market. BALDWIN maintains a worldwide network of sales and service operations, and is privately owned by BW Forsyth Partner, the investment arm of multi-billion dollar global manufacturing and engineering consulting firm Barry-Wehmiller.


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