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ARİMPEKS strengthens market leadership with second QuadTech Inspection System

QuadTech technology “opens up many new business opportunities”

Sussex, Wisconsin, USA—10 September, 2014—ARİMPEKS ALUMINIUM IND., Gebze, Turkey, has installed its second QuadTech® Inspection System to its pharmaceutical and blister pack gravure printing lines. Bolstering the company’s market-leading position, the QuadTech system is not only reducing production costs, but increasing customer service flexibility and enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver products to market much faster.

QuadTech Inspection System Cameras
The QuadTech® Inspection System utilizes
the most sophisticated defect analysis in the
industry to provide true 100% inspection on
100% of your print or non-print product,
web or sheet, 100% of the time.

Installed at the company’s Gebze plant in April of 2014, QuadTech’s 100% web inspection and data management software now enables ARİMPEKS to deliver defect-free output, as required by customers. It has been able to do this on challenging thin and reflective substrates, further reducing waste while increasing print quality, productivity and job turnaround.

Mr. Noyan Özler, ARİMPEKS general manager, explains, “With our new QuadTech Inspection System, we are now able to enjoy significant production savings in both time and cost. This has meant that our customers can speed up product time-to-market. But also, through the QuadTech systems’ ability to maximize saleable print and reduce expensive substrate waste, we can now offer even faster and more competitive service to our customers.

“This not only ensures that customers receive consistent print quality for a wider range of jobs, but for us, it opens up many new business opportunities. With the confidence and competitiveness provided by our QuadTech Inspection Systems, we are also now targeting work outside of Turkey.”

QuadTech Color Quality Solution
QuadTech's Inspection System maximizes saleable print, productivity and job turnaround.

Established in 1987, ARİMPEKS is the leading pharmaceutical packaging printer in Turkey, with a remarkable market share. As the company grew, the requirement for an automated inspection system became essential to ensuring consistent quality standards and maximizing productivity. In 2013, ARİMPEKS installed its first QuadTech Inspection System and QuadTech Data Central® reporting software, on one of its pharmaceutical gravure lines.

Mr. Noyan Özler, continues, “When inspecting for defects manually, while our operators are highly skilled and able to identify many defects by eye, this process could never be perfect. As a result, faults were sometimes missed and others not quickly rectified. This led to production waste that we were keen to eradicate.

“In addition, as pharma packaging substrates are often reflective and very fragile—for example 20µm lacquered aluminium foil for blister packs—this also makes them difficult to examine and handle manually, which added further waste to our process.”

QuadTech Color Quality Solution
QuadTech's Inspection System now enables ARİMPEKS to deliver defect-free output on its challenging thin and reflective substrates.

After installing the first QuadTech solution on its gravure press, waste at ARİMPEKS was significantly reduced. Following this, the company was very eager to improve the performance on its other gravure pharmaceutical line. Since its second QuadTech installation, the company reports significant improvements to this line as well.

QuadTech’s Inspection System ensures print product consistency, inspecting the entire substrate 100% of the time at full press speeds. The equipment also utilizes LEDs with a closed-loop temperature control system for stable, high quality light output that can be configured for any substrate thickness and material transparency.

QuadTech Color Quality Solution
ARİMPEKS produces a range of high-quality pharmaceutical and food industry packaging.

QuadTech Data Central for Inspection enables the operator to evaluate jobs and the Inspection System’s findings. It integrates seamlessly into any existing equipment and provides a central location for QuadTech inspection systems to store, report and audit data for optimal control. Importantly, stored data can be used to showcase print quality, to show customers the consistent results that are achieved. The data can also be used for waste removal.

“We are very pleased with our QuadTech systems and their contribution to our growth. We are already looking at additional ways to improve what we do, and are currently investigating QuadTech’s Waste Management System. We have exciting times ahead,” concludes Mr. Özler.


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