QuadTech showcases press-control solutions for lean production, high-quality newsprint at WAN-IFRA India Expo 2011

Color control and inspection technology enable newspaper printers to pursue new sources of revenue; fan-out control and Proactive Care™ reduce waste, downtime.

Sussex, Wisconsin, USA—4 August, 2011—Under a theme of “the color and inspection experts… moving you forward,” the global press control technology leader QuadTech will demonstrate how its color control, web inspection, register control and data management systems help newspaper printers significantly reduce waste and boost quality at WAN-IFRA Expo India (Stand 1.245), 6-8 September 2011.

QuadTech AccuCam
The QuadTech® Color Control and
Web Inspection System with AccuCam™
offers color control along with inline
scumming detection and plate
verification from the same sensor.

Color control and inspection capabilities

QuadTech’s latest technology advancement combines industry-leading color control and web inspection, all from the same sensor. The QuadTech® Color Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCam™ utilizes a proprietary 6-channel spectral sensor for L*a*b*-based color control – eliminating the need for colorbars or graybars. The image-based, closed loop system automatically obtains target aim point values from a high-resolution prepress file to maintain accurate color by automatically adjusting ink keys. The system also automatically controls and optimizes the ink ratchet for superb inking performance, creating better color, reduced waste and minimized operator intervention. All surfaces are inspected and common print faults such as scumming, blanket smashes, incorrect plates, and color variations are detected.

Increasing potential for profits, positioning for growth

Achieving higher levels of color quality enables newspaper printers to meet the high expectations of semi-commercial print customers, potentially bringing in new sources of revenue. This allows printers to maximize their capital investment.

Sankei Shimbun's Hokusetsu (Osaka) plant has used AccuCam to achieve high quality color using a 200 dpi screen on newsprint. On presses with QuadTech equipment, Hokusetsu is meeting the proof to NSAC standards. The plant is now producing the best color quality in the Sankei group, and has established the color standard for all Sankei plants to meet.

Newsprinters, the printing division of News International, recently installed the Color Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCam on five towers at its Knowsley plant near Liverpool, UK, following a successful trial of a single unit.

QuadTech MultiCam
The QuadTech MultiCam®
is the world's best-selling
register control camera.

Proven Register Control Performance

QuadTech's MultiCam® has provided accurate color-to-color register, cut-off register and ribbon register to commercial web and newspaper printers in over 100 countries. With over 10,000 cameras installed, MultiCam is the world's best selling register camera.

Register Guidance System, which includes the MultiCam camera, has been enhanced with automated features such as fan-out control, anti-embossing, and front-to-back register control. QuadTech's fan-out control software automatically keeps the press in lateral register across the full width of the web, throughout the entire run. Register control cameras mounted on both the gear and operator sides of the web capture tiny shifts in lateral register and instantly make automatic corrections via an interface with the bustle wheels.

Performance reporting: your quality – quantified

QuadTech's Data Central® Performance Reporting Module minimizes the likelihood of rebates and reruns by documenting and verifying work quality. The Data Central data storage system, monitoring a host of quality and productivity parameters, allows easy analysis of real-time and historic press performance.

Unequaled Support

The Performance Proven™ Guarantee initiative is a pledge that customers will receive guaranteed levels of performance improvement as a result of their investment in QuadTech technology. The Guarantee shows promised annual savings, and calculates a specific ROI schedule.

When an order is placed, QuadTech specialists agree with the customer on the level of performance improvement expected after installation. Performance is then tracked using the reports generated by the QuadTech equipment. Customers who do not experience agreed-upon levels of improvements, after a specified period, are entitled to a full refund of the equipment cost.

Unlike most remote diagnostic services, QuadTech's “Proactive Care” provides around-the-clock health and condition monitoring of QuadTech ICON™ systems by skilled technicians, proactively identifying equipment issues before they become a problem. The new diagnostic service analyzes every alert, makes an educated diagnosis, notifies the press crew and determines the best solution before press performance is compromised.

With a thorough knowledge of QuadTech products, Proactive Care's rapid-response technical staff monitors alert messages, eliminating any potential problems so that presses are kept constantly running.

Karl Fritchen, President of QuadTech, comments: “Our broader range of product and service solutions is empowering newspaper printers to protect margins and market share. Printers seek ways of achieving more with their capital equipment, through leaner production methods to reduce waste and overheads and higher quality standards. That is why we are dedicated to keeping our customers at the forefront of print quality and cost, not only through a cutting-edge press control technology, but with first-class technical support, round-the-clock, and performance guarantees, for total peace of mind.”

About BALDWIN | Vision Systems (formerly QuadTech)

BALDWIN’s Vision Systems division is the world’s leading innovator of advanced color and inspection technology for the printing industry. BALDWIN | Vision Systems sells its automated control systems in more than 100 countries to the packaging and converting markets, web offset newspaper and commercial markets, and publication gravure market. BALDWIN maintains a worldwide network of sales and service operations, and is privately owned by BW Forsyth Partner, the investment arm of multi-billion dollar global manufacturing and engineering consulting firm Barry-Wehmiller.


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