QuadTech Installs Serbia’s First Automatic In-line Color Control System

Sussex, WI--28 November 2008--Engineers from QuadTech, the world's pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of automated print controls, recently made history with the installation of an automatic in-line closed-loop Color Control System on a web-fed printing press – the first of its kind in Serbia.

Working with the customer, Rotografika, the QuadTech team completed the installation, and the Color Control System became operational in September of 2008. The project is another illustration of QuadTech working with customers to ensure they are getting the best product for their business. In turn, Rotografika’s investment in the Color Control System for its existing Komori web-fed press is part of the company’s goal to achieve higher and more consistent print quality, while also reducing waste and saving money.

“The Color Control System is imperative as it’s the only way to maintain consistent quality of printed colors permanently and in real time,” said Mrs. Tanja Stipančević, Technical Manager of Rotografika. “We chose the QuadTech system not only because it’s the most advanced Color Control System on the market, but also because we’ve had excellent experiences and performance with products such as the Register Guidance and Ribbon Control systems with MultiCam. In addition to the performance and reliability, the readiness and quality of technical support that QuadTech provides to us helped to secure the deal.”

QuadTech products are designed to integrate easily with existing systems. For the project, Rotografika ordered the most complete version of the Color Control System, which includes options such as System Brunner Instrument Flight® that helps control the gray balance, as well QuadTech Data Central, an application that manages, stores and displays data used in the monitoring of press performance.

As part of the installation project, QuadTech also provided onsite training and support to educate Rotografika’s press operators on the many features of the Color Control System.

“The training was outstanding, and attendees accepted the system with enthusiasm,” said Mrs. Stipančević, “The advantages of the use of this system are evident from the first day. Namely, in addition to the higher print quality, it now takes much less time to achieve consistency of color. So we decreased waste and made a significant saving on print costs.”

Mr. Martin van Meeteren, European Sales Manager of QuadTech, said the investment helps advance the Rotografika strategy to achieve a world-class print quality level.

Mr. Van Meeteren said, “As a member of the Radin group, Rotografika had the opportunity to evaluate the advantages of our Color Control System since Radin uses QuadTech Color Control Systems on all of its web-fed presses located in its Zagreb, Croatia plant. This is part of how Radin became a clear leader in the regional printing industry. Just this year, the member companies of the Radin group placed orders for seven QuadTech control systems – three of which are Color Control Systems. This demonstrates that the Radin group members will not compromise on print quality, and that it has a clear strategy of technological development. QuadTech does its utmost to help such a loyal user of our control systems to achieve their goals as quickly as possible.”

Rotografika (www.rotografika.co.yu), located in Subotica near the northern border of Serbia, is a legal successor of Birografika, a printing house established in 1920. Today, Rotografika is one of the most modern printing houses in Serbia and in the region. It has received the FOGRA Certificate for proof print as well as the ISO 12-647 Process Standard Offsetdruck (PSO) Certificate that comprises standardization of complete pre-press, print forms making and print process. Since 2006 Rotografika operates as a member of Radin group from Zagreb, Croatia.

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