First Color Control System with Instrument Flight® Users’ Meeting Successful

Sussex, WI--October 2007--On November 15th and 16th 2007, System Brunner and QuadTech invited selected users of the Color Control with Instrument Flight System to an experience exchange at System Brunner’s headquarters in Locarno, Ticino. Nine of the invited ten web offset printers from Germany and Switzerland attended the event and openly discussed their great satisfaction, but also expressed their wishes to extend the automated inline color control system.

Since QuadTech Inc. of the United States combined their Inline Color Control System for automated inking zone control with System Brunner Instrument Flight (CCS-IF) in 2000, around 400 systems have been sold worldwide with a high degree of customer satisfaction and clearly measurable financial benefits. The objective of this first users’ meeting was to bring together customers who master their CCS-IF systems, learn from their experience, and discuss their wishes for further development of the system.

The meeting agenda consisted mainly of presentations from QuadTech and System Brunner and three users. QuadTech stressed the importance of web press and Color Control System maintenance to get the best results from closed loop Inline Color Control, while System Brunner showed that inline color control is even more efficient when standardization extends from prepress to printing and presented the Print Expert® Suite for process control and standardization. Only one measuring device is needed for all modules Proof Checker, Plate Checker, Print Curve Checker, and Print/Production Checker.

Much attention was paid to the presentation of a leading paper manufacturer about “Influencing factors of paper in a standardized printing process and the problems with present paper categories”.

However, the most interesting contributions were the presentations of the three user companies. Vogt-Schild Druck AG of Switzerland reported on their experience with Instrument Flight on their sheetfed and web presses, as well as the high visual conformity between proofs and printing which they achieve today almost automatically. Walcker Offsetdruck from Isny, Germany, has equipped all four of their web presses with the CCS-IF system. Technical Manager Jürgen Forstmeier impressed the participants with his very detailed analysis of all print parameters, which allows him to use the ideal profile for every print job. He sees the most important benefit not only in the fast print start and the resulting savings in time and paper, but also in the security to match the colors exactly on repeat print jobs. Maik Coesfeld from Mohn media, Germany, gave an especially valuable presentation. They have already equipped eleven of their web offset presses with the CCS-IF system. He stressed satisfaction with the system, but explained the technical and organizational challenges which a large print company like Mohn media has to face to keep the processes under control, and expressed some wishes as to how the control systems could serve him even better in the future.

At the end of the event, the managers of the participating printing companies were as satisfied with the information gained as were the hosts QuadTech and System Brunner.

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