QuadTech focuses on quality and workflow improvements at the Ifra India Expo 2005

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Sussex, WI--August 2005--QuadTech® Inc., a division of Quad/Graphics, will be a key exhibitor at the Ifra India expo 2005, 21-22 September in New Delhi, India. As well as finding out about QuadTech’s powerful product portfolio of ancillary press controls for newspapers, visitors to the stand will be able to see a simulated demonstration of the QuadTech® Register Guidance System with MultiCam®. This system, like many of the QuadTech products, resides on their unique ICON™ platform, an integration technology that brings added value to users through ease of operation and reduced hardware costs for multiple system installations.

Key Ifra highlights include:

ICON integration

The name ICON is derived from “Integrated Control Network,” which highlights the platform’s two main benefits: it provides an open interface to complementary systems and integrates essential control functions onto a common network.

The open interface to multiple press architectures enables almost “plug-and-play” compatibility with press control systems and ink desks, reducing installation time and improving the level of control available. ICON is also QuadTech’s interface to digital job tickets, maximizing press utilization by facilitating automated setup for both new jobs and reruns.

Register and ribbon control

The QuadTech® Register Guidance System with MultiCam® and Ribbon Control System with MultiCam® are the latest in a long line of highly successful QuadTech technologies to offer maximum control over print and fold quality. Building on the success of the well-established QuadTech Autotron™ Newspaper 2800, the MultiCam products take the QuadTech offering to the next level. Running on the QuadTech ICON platform, they have been developed for maximum flexibility, upgradeability and operational efficiency.

According to Sharon Quint, Director of Marketing, “MultiCam products join our two existing register technologies for newspapers, and essentially provide the best of both worlds. With a loyal and extremely satisfied customer base, we were determined to provide a new platform that meets newspaper requirements both now and in the future. With MultiCam we’ve gone one step further – we’ve captured the best of the incumbent technology, while making the new products expandable, flexible and efficient.”

QuadTech’s MultiCam-based products provide unsurpassed performance by the combination of three unique modules working in harmony:

The ultra-fast MultiCam uses the latest FPGA technology to provide high speed digital image processing to locate, identify and collect register information from micro-sized marks that can be as small as 0.014 in (0.36 mm). These are used to correct errors in circumferential, lateral and folder register at web speeds up to 3,500 ft/min (17.8 m/sec).

Continuously refined from over 50 years of register guidance technology, QuadTech process algorithms automatically adjust to changing press conditions, maintaining an optimized performance profile during press start-ups, steady state running, acceleration and slow down.

MultiCam products have an intuitive touch-screen interface, which makes them simple to operate and easy to learn. They also allow a single operating screen to be used for all QuadTech controls mounted on the press, made possible by the integration possibilities of the ICON platform.

The two MultiCam based products can be purchased separately or integrated together to provide total control of web register from reelstand to folder for both coldset and heatset applications. A wide range of enhancement modules is also available, including ‘ink guiding’ for improved print-to-slitter registration and anti-embossing to reduce blanket-wash cycles.

The QuadTech® Autotron™ Newspaper 2800 Register Guidance System has been the benchmark product for newspaper register control in India for over 25 years providing fully automatic control over key registration parameters, including color-length and sidelay, front-to-back, folder and fan-out compensation.

Offering an integrated approach to register control it can accommodate a multitude of different web paths and imposition plans. The system also provides the ability to expand from a single web to multi-tower press runs by simple selections from the user interface. Using a number of different control modules, Autotron Newspaper 2800 guarantees quality standards throughout the printing process.

“For Newspapers, QuadTech ancillary press control products address the growing requirement for higher quality print and color on every page,” states Sharon Quint.“ By adding high levels of automation to the operation of newspaper presses, QuadTech is fulfilling its passion to provide quality and workflow improvements to our customers. This not only positively impacts operating profits, but can also make a dramatic impact on waste levels.”


QuadTech® Data Central® answers the need for improved workflow through JDF-enabled systems and controls. It is a sophisticated software product, designed specifically to enhance newspaper press productivity. Overlaying the control provided by other QuadTech ICON-based products, it provides automatic configuration as well as sophisticated statistics and reports on press performance and optimization. These features are designed to help today’s printers meet the challenge of efficiently running more short-run jobs.

Data Central has been designed to be modular, so that it can expand in line with future needs. It operates with all QuadTech controls running on the ICON platform, including register, cut-off and color controls.

Find Out more at Ifra India expo David Barton, QuadTech World Wide Director of Sales, will be speaking on September 20th during the pre-conference workshop, on the theme of “New Press Technology.”

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