QuadTech celebrates Color Control System with Instrument Flight® as an indispensable tool to improved performance

Sussex, WI--October 2004--The QuadTech® Color Control System with Instrument Flight® has been an overwhelming success for the many customers who have invested in the cutting-edge technology. Providing closed-loop control that delivers accurate color over an entire print run, the QuadTech Color Control System with Instrument Flight® enables printers to offer higher quality print reproduction.

Featuring patented technology pioneered by leading international color specialist, System Brunner®, the QuadTech Color Control System with Instrument Flight® is proven to deliver the closest match between proof and production run. This remarkable system controls not only solid ink density, but also three-color gray balance and mid-tone dot gain, which ensures consistent, top-quality color from start to finish.

Emmanuel Fabrègue, Chief Executive of Operations of French based Fabrègue Imprimeur, comments “The gamut of products we print encompasses among others catalogues, periodicals and brochures. Given the diversity and number of jobs processed by Fabrègue Imprimeur, it is essential for us to take every possible measure in order to reduce downtime and waste. That is why we invested in the QuadTech® Color Control System with Instrument Flight®.”

Fabrègue Imprimeur had its QuadTech Color Control System with Instrument Flight® installed in September 2003. Emmanuel remembers, “We gave consideration to this additional purchase as soon as we ordered our new web press. The fact that we were one of the first printers in Europe to install the QuadTech system for automatic color control illustrates very clearly how highly we value a quick, precise and steady color regulation on all our machines.”

The reporting capabilities available with the system are also a benefit for Fabrègues Inprimeur, Emmanuel comments, “The reports provide us with an opportunity to irrefutably demonstrate to clients that the color printed matches the originals supplied to us. A precious help considering the current market trend for special corporate colors.”

After its experience with the QuadTech system, Emmanuel sees his initial conviction with working with QuadTech strengthened, “From now on, no web press will be sold without a closed-loop color control system, as we believe that Quadtech are the leaders of this field.”

Illinois based Continental Web Press is another high-end commercial printer which offers a diverse and high quality full-service to its many clients. Vice President of Manufacturing, Dan Freidel states, “We print using Stochastic (10 or 20 micron) and regularly run our colors eight over eight. In today’s market, it is imperative to offer the highest quality at the most competitive price. The QuadTech® Color Control System with Instrument Flight® permits us to constantly work at optimum efficiency, thus offering clients the best possible value.”

Dan highlights another key factor of the color control system, “For our high-profile magazines such as Time Magazine, Newsweek and Playboy, we cut off the color bar before it reaches our finishing press. Our operators love the consistency the system brings to their work as we take great pride in the quality of everything we do.”

In addition to installation, technical support and training, QuadTech Service is responsible for customer service support. With the systems, know-how and experience to deal with customers, everything is done to ensure customers presses are constantly online as downtime is extremely costly. Dan comments, “We have a very good dialogue with QuadTech, the equipment, training and service makes for a very professional package.”

Vincent Pinzone, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sandy Alexander, Inc., located in Clifton, New Jersey, adds, “We compete in the very high-end of the commercial print segment where color reproduction is absolutely critical to our clients’ success. We rely on the QuadTech Color Control System with Instrument Flight® in order to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.”

The Balance Navigator™ feature allows operators to easily make adjustments to the target balance and increase the weight of the color. It then automatically and consistently calculates which ink weight to increase or decrease to achieve the correct result.

Vincent says, “We moved to the QuadTech system because the Color Control System with Instrument Flight® is an innovative and proven technology. The fact that the parent company of QuadTech, Quad/Graphics actually use the system itself is very reassuring.”

For Sandy Alexander Inc., the QuadTech system is a firm favourite with the press operators who appreciate its ease of use. Vincent comments, “We use our color control system with Instrument Flight® every day as we are very conscious of color control and find it to be very user-friendly. Also, job setup takes 10% of the time it used to and we have achieved a 70% saving on waste since the equipment was installed. This has enabled us to make much better use of resources.”

Vincent concludes, “Working for international household names, we have to be able to provide the best service and quality. We are extremely happy with our QuadTech equipment as they are at the forefront of color control systems. As a result, any new web presses would definitely incorporate color control. Sandy Alexander Inc. would not hesitate to work with QuadTech again.”

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BALDWIN’s Vision Systems division is the world’s leading innovator of advanced color and inspection technology for the printing industry. BALDWIN | Vision Systems sells its automated control systems in more than 100 countries to the packaging and converting markets, web offset newspaper and commercial markets, and publication gravure market. BALDWIN maintains a worldwide network of sales and service operations, and is privately owned by BW Forsyth Partner, the investment arm of multi-billion dollar global manufacturing and engineering consulting firm Barry-Wehmiller.


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