QuadTech® Autotron™ helps increase production at Cambridge News by 30%

Sussex, WI--August 2004--Cambridge Newspaper Ltd, printers of Cambridge Evening News and other contract titles, including the Daily Express and the Daily Star, has installed a QuadTech® Autotron™ Newspaper 2800 Register Guidance System.

The new system has been fitted to two new printing towers on a KBA Colora press, providing precise register throughout the press, while maintaining a high level of automation and excellent folder and web control.

With its new Autotron™ Newspaper 2800, Cambridge News has already reduced its start up times, and the press is able to achieve register from a cold start within 200 copies. With runs ranging from 6,000 to 70,000 copies and with the press working 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, wastage has been significantly minimised.

Alan Mee, Press Production Manager at Cambridge News comments, ‘Since the installation of our QuadTech Autotron™, we have maintained a consistent repeatability that is easy to achieve.

‘The colour register is very accurate and enables us to reproduce high quality, consistent colour. Due to this new investment, we have increased our production by 30% and are now able to print supplements and magazines we once had to outsource, saving both time and money. In addition we are printing new publications such as Auto Finder and a new motor supplement – Drive.’

The Autotron Newspaper 2800 runs on the Microsoft Windows® NT operating system and can be easily configured to suit every press application. It is effortlessly navigated via a touch screen, and a set-up-menu enables jobs to be easily programmed and recalled on request.

Jim James, Assistant Press Production Manager comments, ‘Our new Autotron™ enables smoother splice changes, as the register corrects itself as soon as the reel changes. This is a huge benefit, especially when we are running a job that needs extremely tight register.

‘The Autotron™ has sophisticated predictive algorithms which anticipate the changes in register as web tension changes. This means that the register is controlled electronically and stops the problem many printers have of under and over correcting. Running the press ‘electronically’ also means that we can recall jobs and settings, making job repeats easy and consistent.’

Cambridge News has also utilised the Autotron’s cut-off capabilities for folder control, which is especially beneficial when producing a quarter fold product. Jim continues, ‘Our cut off control enables the quarter fold to be cut accurately and consistently.

‘This is very important – if the cut off is wrong it affects the alignment of the whole newspaper or magazine. We couldn’t do without our folder control, which is essential to completing a job accurately and on time.’

Cambridge News Limited is owned by I Life News & Media, with 450 employees based in Cambridge. Since installing its Autotron™ Newspaper 2800, Cambridge News has increased its workload to almost saturation point on a weekly basis.

As more work floods in, Cambridge News hope to bring in new printing towers, enabling it to take on more work and therefore bring in more revenue.

Alan concludes, ‘The quality of newspapers is now light years ahead of what was being produced ten years ago, and over the next few years quality control and colour reproduction will advance even further. Customers are demanding more and more colour and better quality and it is up to us to deliver it to them.

“We consider the best feedback from our customers to be no feedback. We’ve not had any complaints or problems and have succeeded in bringing in work from other areas. Thanks to the new investment and QuadTech’s Autotron™, Cambridge News is in a stronger market position than ever before.’

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