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Sussex, WI--August 2004--QuadTech Inc., a division of Quad/Graphics, will be a key exhibitor at Graph Expo 2004, 10th – 13th October 2004, Chicago, Illinois. QuadTech will be showing new and existing products from its portfolio of ancillary press controls for web printers, with emphasis on the Commercial Web Offset, Publications Gravure and Packaging markets.

Commercial Printers

New QuadTech® Color Control System

Color control is an increasing issue for commercial web offset printers due to the complexity of the jobs now being produced. In addition to improving the overall quality of a job, and giving users a competitive edge, closed-loop control of color brings other major benefits including dramatic reductions in makeready times.

With a host of new features, including operation on QuadTech’s sophisticated ICON™ platform, the QuadTech® Color Control System on ICON™, incorporating System Brunner technology, controls every attribute of ‘ink on paper’ from solid ink density to three-color gray balance, ensuring consistently excellent color from start to finish. Operating at full press speeds, its patented, video-densitometer-based technology quickly detects and analyzes printed micro-color-bars and then instantly adjusts the press in real time to maintain accurate control over both four-color process and Pantone® Colors. The result is excellent color consistency not only throughout a given press run, but also from press to press and plant to plant.

The QuadTech® Color Control System with Instrument Flight®, developed through a strategic partnership with color specialists System Brunner, provides automated 3-color and midtone gray balance control.

It is the only system on the market that analyzes more than 30 color variables before appropriate ink key adjustments are made to deliver perfect color. This level of analysis makes the QuadTech Color Control System the most reliable system on the market, with consistent and accurate color reproduction, particularly in the areas most critical to the human eye. Equally, it allows for the most comprehensive press optimization, a key component to fully realize a true color managed process.

New QuadTech® Data Central®

Data Central® answers the need for improved workflow through JDF-enabled systems and controls. It is a sophisticated software product, designed specifically to enhance press productivity. Overlaying the control provided by other QuadTech ICON™-based products, it provides automatic configuration as well as sophisticated statistics and reports on press performance and optimization.

New MultiCam® Guidance Systems

During the show QuadTech will show its latest color-to-color and ribbon register technology for newspaper and commercial web offset applications. The QuadTech® Register Guidance System with MultiCam® and QuadTech® Ribbon Control System with MultiCam® will provide the most advanced register control available today, at a price-point that makes them universally affordable.

With QuadTech’s focus on modular product offerings for diversifying markets, the Ribbon Control System with MultiCam® and Register Guidance System with MultiCam® have been developed for maximum flexibility, upgradeability and greater operational efficiencies. Using an innovative, ultra-fast camera, they collect register information from printed, micro-sized register marks, and communicate error, status and configuration information to optimize register and press performance.

QuadTech® Autotron™ Commercial 2400 Register Guidance System

The Autotron™ Commercial 2400 is a total system that provides fully automatic control over every key registration parameter, including color length and sidelay, fit and tilt, front-to-back, folder, and ribbon sidelay. The result is hands free waste minimization, to help commercial printers remain competitive on all types of work from publications to advertising inserts.

Packaging Gravure Printers

New QuadTech® Autotron™ Packaging 2600 Register Guidance System

QuadTech has enhanced the PressTech Autotron 2600 register system for packaging applications through the development of a number of new MiniCam™ 625 miniature scanning head options, each suitable for different printing environments.

Already proven as the complete register control system for large-scale packaging printers, with thousands of installations worldwide, the latest version of the Autotron™ Packaging 2600 has been developed to provide the same benefits for a wider market. The excellent accuracy of registration, for which Autotron™ is renowned, is now augmented by additional benefits of modularity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, making it suitable for use across the widest range of a gravure packaging applications.

Publications Gravure Printers

New QuadTech® Autotron™ Gravure 2200 Register Guidance System

The QuadTech® Autotron™ Gravure 2200 Register Guidance System is part of a long line of products from QuadTech that make a substantial contribution to improved efficiencies in the gravure printing process. Depending on the options chosen, it can arm operators with fully automatic and comprehensive control over color-to-color register, cut-off, slit and backup on gravure presses of any size. In addition, the ‘Tilt and Fit’ option provides control over moisture related web instability, ensuring optimum register under all running conditions.

As webs get wider, accurate ribbon control is even more critical. With the Autotron™ Gravure 2200, a patented, mark- free length measurement system uses a feature in normal print to quickly bring ribbon alignment under precise control. Capabilities such as ribbon sidelay alignment ensure that systems benefit from maximum uptime, speeding register and
reducing mechanical problems in the bindery.

New QuadTech® Heliostat™ 300 Electrostatic Ink Assist

To further enhance print quality for all gravure applications, the new QuadTech® Heliostat™ uses carbon fiber brushes to electrostatically charge the impression roller of a gravure press, facilitating the transfer of ink to the paper and reducing ‘speckling’ and dot skip. New features include centralized control at the press desk with an easy-to-use Windows® interface, a job pre-set up function and redesigned power supplies which give exceptional ink transfer on wider webs, up to 4.2 meters.

About BALDWIN | Vision Systems (formerly QuadTech)

BALDWIN’s Vision Systems division is the world’s leading innovator of advanced color and inspection technology for the printing industry. BALDWIN | Vision Systems sells its automated control systems in more than 100 countries to the packaging and converting markets, web offset newspaper and commercial markets, and publication gravure market. BALDWIN maintains a worldwide network of sales and service operations, and is privately owned by BW Forsyth Partner, the investment arm of multi-billion dollar global manufacturing and engineering consulting firm Barry-Wehmiller.


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