QuadTech® Color Control System on ICON™ for Habo DaCosta

Sussex, WI--August 2004--Netherlands based printing company, Habo DaCosta, has ordered a QuadTech® Color Control System on ICON™, to be installed on its Heidelberg M600 press. The new system, along with internal workflow improvements the company has implemented, will enable Habo DaCosta to increase its productivity, whilst cutting operator requirements by half.

In addition to providing print of a higher quality and ensuring consistent repeatability, the new Color Control System on ICON™ will allow Habo DaCosta‘s press to be manned by two, not four operators.

Providing printing services to a range of publishers, Habo DaCosta prints high quality glossy magazines, including ELLE and Country & Garden. These high profile titles demand print of optimum quality.

QuadTech®’s Color Control System on ICON™ is designed to eliminate the need for subjective judgment of color during press runs. ICON™ is a modular platform that integrates QuadTech register, ribbon and color control systems, along with data collection and reporting facilities. This is ideal for Habo DaCosta who also has a QuadTech® Register Guidance System installed on the same Heidelberg press.

Martijn de Vries, Production Manager, Habo DaCosta comments, ‘We visited another customer who had tested QuadTech®’s Color Control System alongside other competitive products. QuadTech®’s Color Control System provided a higher quality, more consistent product. This testimony, coupled with the ability to reduce operation requirements and deliver improved print to our customers, left us convinced the QuadTech® Color Control System is the only solution for us.’

The Color Control system also offers advanced features, including set up of current job while next is running, enhanced support for special colors, and faster and finer control by allowing adjustments during closed loop operation.

Martijn continues, ‘Over the last few months we have been improving our workflow processes, increasing quality and production times, whilst decreasing wastage. We are aiming to reduce our yearly wastage substantially and our new Color Control System will play a big part in helping us achieve this.’

Saving on wastage is not only important to Habo DaCosta financially, but also from an environmental angle. Five years ago, Habo DaCosta was awarded a ‘Graphics Environmental Certificate’ for its environmental care system and its annually published environmental report. Habo DaCosta’s new Color Control System will allow the company to continue to improve upon its environmentally friendly policies by helping to greatly decrease wastage.

Based in Vianen, Netherlands, Habo DaCosta was established in 1922 and uses both sheet and rotary presses to provide a range of prepress, printing and finishing services. With 95 % of its customers based in Holland, Habo DaCosta is one of the country’s leading printing houses.

QuadTech Sales Representative Martin van Meeteren, concludes, ‘We are thrilled to install a new Color Control System on ICON™ at Habo DaCosta. Its new Color Control System on ICON™ is the perfect solution for decreasing turnaround times and improving color and is easily integrated into the current workflow. As a leading printer, Habo DaCosta will set the standard for high quality print and consistent reproduction of magazine color, in an increasingly competitive market.

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