‘Lights out’ pressroom moves a step closer with new Data Central from QuadTech

Sussex, WI--February 2004--QuadTech® announces the launch of Data Central®, a sophisticated software product, designed specifically to enhance press productivity for commercial web offset and newspaper printers. It overlays the control provided by current QuadTech press controls, providing automatic configuration as well as sophisticated statistics and reports on press performance and optimization.

According to Sharon Quint, Director of Marketing, “QuadTech Data Central is the next stage in our passion to turn printing into a process in which there are no bottlenecks, ambiguities, inconsistencies or unknowns. This approach will give dramatic workflow benefits and waste savings.”

Data Central has been designed to be modular, so that it can expand in line with the growing needs of commercial and newspaper printers, as predicted by market research conducted by QuadTech. As a result of the research, the first two modules have been defined as follows:

Automated set up – allows any ICON based QuadTech ancillary press control to be configured from prepress data.

Performance Reporting – provides sophisticated reporting on press performance.

These modules can be purchased singly or together, enabling users to customize the system according to needs or budget.

Automated set up

The automated set up function has been designed to meet the challenge of efficiently running more short-run jobs per shift. Using industry standard data formats, as defined by CIP3 and JDF/CIP4, Data Central automates the set up of individual QuadTech products, delivering reduced press makeready times and cost savings. This is achieved by integrating information from ‘upstream’ processes such as page layout, platemaking and page imposition. Once the information is analyzed, the system configures any QuadTech system mounted on the press minimizing the time taken. The system operates with all QuadTech controls running on the ICON platform. This includes register, cut-off and color controls at present, with plans to include others in the future.

Performance reporting

With press utilization under close scrutiny to maintain optimum margins, QuadTech® Data Central® provides invaluable measurements of press performance, enabling operators to improve the efficiency of their processes. This can make a considerable impact on pressroom profitability and improves customer satisfaction through reduced turnaround times.

In addition, Data Central provides a detailed quality record for every job, so that unsatisfactory signatures can be identified and removed, or accurate rebates calculated in relation to spoilt copies.

Reports provided by Data Central can be viewed from the operator screen of any QuadTech control mounted on a press. Alternatively, information can be viewed using a web browser from any other computer that is on the same network as Data Central.

Working closely in conjunction with its customers, QuadTech has further modules already under investigation, including one to provide information reporting that spans multiple press lines.

“We believe Data Central will bring real benefits to commercial and newspaper printers through JDF integration and enhanced reporting capabilities,” states Kirsten Wahlstrom, Product Manager.

“Data Central is the product which will eventually make QuadTech’s ‘lights out’ pressroom concept a reality. In all product developments we visualize the entire printing process being controlled by a single screen that you can still operate in a darkened room. With this as the ultimate vision, Data Central provides new levels of automation and on-the-run data for our customers to measure and monitor their success. JDF is designed to streamline the exchange of information about a print job from sales and planning, through prepress, press and finishing. QuadTech is leading the way in making ancillary press controls that leverage this exchange of information to bring increased automation, accuracy, efficiency and profitability to the pressroom.”

“Our Passion is your Success”

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