New scanning heads bring flexibility and cost-effectiveness to QuadTech Autotron Packaging 2600 register control system

Sussex, WI--February 2004--Following its acquisition of PressTech, and with a key focus on the delivery of products for improved control and greater profitability, QuadTech® has enhanced the PressTech Autotron 2600 register system for packaging applications. To achieve this objective, the new QuadTech Autotron Packaging 2600™ has a number of new miniature scanning head options. Each MiniCam 625 head is suitable for different printing environments.

Already proven as the complete register control system for large-scale packaging printers, with thousands of installations worldwide, the latest version of the Autotron 2600 has been developed to provide the same benefits for a wider market. The excellent accuracy of registration, for which Autotron is renowned, is now augmented by additional benefits of modularity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness, making it suitable for use across the widest range of a gravure packaging applications.

“The new QuadTech Autotron Packaging 2600 has been perfected for the diversity of today's packaging print jobs, on all varieties of specialist press equipment” states Soma Patel, Technical Manager at QuadTech. “Transparent and reflective substrates, 'invisible' coatings such as glues and varnishes, and inline die-cutting or embossing are now becoming the norm; they all require the same high level of registration accuracy as the full packaging print run. At the same time, production margins are under pressure, so we have evolved the product to deliver higher performance for all applications at lower cost.”

With nine different QuadTech MiniCam, heads the need to use expensive 'universal' scanning head technology has been minimized. Many customers will need only one or two of the new head types to cover their range of work. At a significantly lower price compared with the top-of-the-range alternative, this gives dramatic cost savings and ROI. The modular configuration and price structure of the new Autotron 2600 also means that customers are future-proofed for unknown business opportunities.

Each of the new MiniCam 625 heads is based on the latest technology, using a low-cost, long-life LED light source for safety, economy and durability. The compact size - smaller than a 35mm film cassette - enables them to be used in the smallest confined spaces, closest to the point where registration is most required.

The small size of the scanning heads, using a design similar to that used for mounting inkjet cartridges into desktop printers, also facilitates fast removal. Heads can be exchanged very quickly for a different application, or for easy maintenance and cleaning access. A new press-mounting system, consisting of manual and motorized bars, complements the latest head configurations, together with a cable management system to prevent ink build-up.

When combined with the Autotron's unique control algorithms, the new QuadTech® MiniCam 625 heads provide optimum control at all critical phases of press operation, delivering minimum start-up time, maximum waste-saving and the highest print quality. Further benefits for packaging printers are derived from a 'low-contrast lock-on' feature, which enables the heads to work with very low-contrast marks encountered in the printing of packaging and decorative materials.

“The Autotron has proved itself worldwide thousands of times, but up until recently the sophistication of this system has made it cost-prohibitive for many small and medium-sized packaging printers. We have been working hard to address this problem, and the resulting micro-scanning heads open up a whole new market,” concludes Patel.

“Providing quality and efficiency, the new micro-scanning heads can be used on any size press, with mechanical or shaftless drives or any non-print inline equipment, including die-cutters, sheeters, embossers, varnish, lacquer or coldseal applicators. The low price for most applications and the modular structure also make the QuadTech Autotron Packaging 2600™ suitable for the new breed of smaller packaging presses using narrow webs, while providing an easy and affordable growth path for those looking to expand their services into the future.”

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