Award-winning Wyndeham Heron Endorses QuadTech's Closed Loop Color Control System (CCS), Citing Annual Savings of at least £198,000

QuadTech CCS a necessity for consistent, high-quality results and effortless color control.

Sussex, WI--March 24, 2003--In a presentation today at PIRA's 2003 Web Offset Conference, 2002 Printer of the Year Wyndeham Heron called the QuadTech Incorporated Color Control System (CCS) a "necessity" for every web press. The UK company, which operates seven web presses, has measured savings of £198,000 per year on one press alone as a result of its QuadTech CCS application.

John Newman, Works Director for Wyndeham Heron, also noted consistency as a primary benefit of the QuadTech CCS. "Ask a printer what's best about closed loop, and the answer is consistency - especially for crossing pages and banners," said Newman. "Color reliability on press gives you the advantage of knowing the job is going to be good no matter what."

Newman endorsed the QuadTech CCS as an essential tool for web offset printers, with benefits including:

  • Consistent color from press to press;
  • Quick and automatic attainment of target densities, independent of press operator skills;
  • Simultaneous setting of surfaces
  • Reduction of makeready and run waste;
  • Cleaner runs, resulting in less maintenance;
  • Lower consumables costs;
  • Flexible reporting capabilities and measurements; and,
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

Named last year as Consumer Magazine Printer of the Year and Business Magazine Printer of the Year, Wyndeham Heron specialises in short- to medium-run magazine printing. The company utilizes a mix of four- and eight-unit (16-, 32- and 64-page) web presses.

Wyndeham Heron applied the QuadTech CCS to its two most recent presses - a Lithoman and one of its three web MAN Rotomans - with remarkable results. Over one year, the company has recorded an average of 700 fewer make-ready copies on each section of the Rotoman press with closed loop control, compared with its other two Rotomans. This equates to a savings of over 2,000,000 32-page sections and 65 hours of running time, with an overall savings of £198,000.

The QuadTech CCS is an in-line measurement and control tool that uses color measurement information to increase the accuracy of color reproduction during the web offset printing process. It automatically searches for, locates and tracks micro color bars to relate color density information to press operators, sending any necessary corrections to press ink control consoles. Because of the improved performance the CCS provides, it is quickly becoming both an accepted technology and a tool that customers expect their printers to fully utilise.

Newman concludes, "You cannot put a price on the customer's reaction of pleasure when they experience fast, accurate adjustments and quicker color approval. While our quantifiable results of the CCS speak for themselves, the consequent customer confidence and trust is invaluable to a printer."

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