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Publication Gravure Market

Publication Gravure

Advances in demographic targeting have opened up new niche-market opportunities for today’s publishers. And printers like you are capitalizing on the resulting increases in titles and supplements.

There’s just one problem: Shorter runs are also prevailing, turning makeready speed into a critical factor in the profitability equation.

The answer? Automated press-controls from QuadTech.

Extraordinary efficiency, job after job. The primary reason: the Autotron™ Gravure 2200 Register Guidance System – the system that fine-tunes your equipment’s performance with a range of innovative capabilities, from electronic mark detection and tracking to automatic performance profile optimization.

Reduced costs, too. QuadTech press controls can also lower your operating costs. Waste reduction is a primary reason, thanks to options such as the Autotron™ Gravure 2200 Ribbon Control System – an option that minimizes makeready delays and waste to keep costs down, press utilization up.

It all adds up to improved profitability. With QuadTech, you’ll be able to move more titles through your pressroom in less time, without compromising the quality of the finished product.

Bottom line? Improved profitability and competitive advantages to set your company apart in an increasingly competitive marketplace.



Color to Color Registration

Autotron™ Gravure 2200

Print to Process Control

Autotron™ Gravure 2200