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Packaging Market

Packaging and Converting

It’s hard to imagine a market with brighter prospects than the packaging industry. Driven by the ongoing expansion the global market for packaging continues to grow.

Unassailable quality is a prerequisite for purchasers of material-conversion services. With good reason: for them, brand equity is synonymous with packaging design and quality. And most have sufficient buying power to command very competitive pricing. QuadTech understands these challenges and offers solid solutions to help you meet them.

Solutions like our innovative press-controls and our partnership with Vigitek, a global leader offering 100 percent print inspection and defect detection technology.

Together, we’re enabling packaging printers worldwide to claim ever-larger shares of a growing packaging market. QuadTech delivers advantages that keep you competitive.

Consistently outstanding quality. The QuadTech® Autotron™ 2600 with ClearLogic™ Register Guidance System optimizes press performance on even the most challenging jobs. The QuadTech® Inspection System provides 100 percent defect detection on 100 percent of your product for predictable quality and dependability.

Pressroom productivity. Meeting the demand for more inline finishing and shorter runs is easier with our integrated system. Your operators can control the entire production process from reel to reel. Miniature scanning heads recognize everything from standard colors to inks and coatings, invisible to the human eye, reducing job setup time and waste.

Increased customer satisfaction. The need for integrity in the print process requires you to meet ever-increasing quality control standards. The QuadTech® Inspection System is the only fully automated defect detection system that can do the job with complete accuracy. That translates to customers who keep coming back.

Lower costs. The Autotron 2600 with ClearLogic is now more affordable than ever, making it practical even for smaller presses.

With steady growth forecast for the packaging industry at least through the rest of this decade, opportunity is definitely knocking for material converters. But the rewards won’t be automatic; packaging buyers are in a position to demand both unassailable quality and competitive pricing.

The solution? Automated press controls from QuadTech.