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Newspaper Market


These days, a newspaper printer is expected to be something of a miracle worker. You’re called upon to improve quality to attract contract-printing buyers, compete effectively against other media for advertising dollars, and attract readers who have turned to other sources for their news.

Fortunately, QuadTech offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help you do all of these things, and more. In fact, our solutions can make you a hero in even the most price-sensitive situations.

Here’s how.

Exceptional efficiency.With QuadTech tools, your operators will spend less time learning, less time fine-tuning, less time troubleshooting. Add our ICON™ product platform to the mix, and they’ll also spend less time running it all, since your automated systems will all be accessible from a single, centralized and exceptionally easy-to-use Operator Control Station. And because achieving color quickly has never been easier, the QuadTech® Color Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCam™ generates instant labor savings and higher productivity.

Uncompromising quality. It’s the natural byproduct of using technologies such as the QuadTech® Register Guidance System, which relies not on off-the-shelf hardware but on camera technology that we developed ourselves especially for printing applications.

Dramatic waste reduction. The only way to improve quality and quantity without spending more is to reduce waste. Consider it done: products such as the QuadTech® Ribbon Control System are engineered specifically to minimize the waste associated with makeready, startups, stops, tension upsets and splices.

A better bottom line. All of these advantages can obviously add up to fast payback. But QuadTech also offers you some less-obvious ways to enhance your return on investment. Just one example: In addition to improving quality and streamlining operations, the QuadTech® Data Central® system makes it easy to quantify your on-press performance, to minimize rebates and ensure that your operation gets full credit for the actual quality of your work.