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*Commercial Market


No one in the press-automation business knows more about commercial printing than QuadTech. After all, we have played a major role in making Quad/Graphics one of the largest printing businesses in the world. So we understand the opportunities evolving from shorter print runs and frequent makereadies.

Who will succeed in this environment?

Printers who invest in technology to improve productivity and product quality.

Unsurpassed quality. It's the natural byproduct of using technologies such as the award winning QuadTech® Color Control System, whose leading-edge closed loop operation gives you a strong competitive edge. With Instrument Flight®, which offers proven three-color gray balance control for unmatched color quality and consistency, and our innovative SpectralCam™ which delivers the L*a*b*, ΔE and TVI data you need to verify adherence with industry standards such as ISO 12647-2.

No one else offers this winning combination.

Unprecedented efficiency. With QuadTech tools, your operators will spend less time learning, less time fine-tuning, less time troubleshooting. Add our ICON™ product platform to the mix, and they’ll also spend less time running it all, since your automated systems will all be accessible from a single, centralized and exceptionally easy-to-use operator control station.

Unmatched flexibility. The ICON platform is designed for ultimate flexibility. For example, equip your press today with the QuadTech® Register Guidance System. When you’re ready, you can easily add color or ribbon controls to expand your platform. As new technologies and innovative ideas emerge from QuadTech, you can effectively add products and features that you need to reduce costs and improve your competitive edge.

All this and a terrific return on your investment. Significant waste reduction is automatic with most of our products, in terms of makeready savings alone.

We also offer you some less-obvious ways to improve your bottom line. Just one example: The QuadTech® MultiCam® is not only affordable; it also includes profit-building features such as a downtime-minimizing LED light source. Engineered to increase your company’s profitability, features such as these are commonplace among just about all the products in the QuadTech portfolio.