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QuadTech is affiliated with a diverse group of professionals that examine printing industry issues. These affiliations help us maintain an intimate understanding of the challenges facing our customers and proactively develop and promote industry-leading solutions.


Parent Company


QuadTech has played a major role in helping Quad/Graphics, our parent company, reach and retain its position as one of the world’s largest and most renowned printers.



System Brunner

QuadTech and Alwan Color Expertise have reached a cooperation agreement to provide automated plate curve monitoring and adjustment for web press applications.



QuadTech and ColorConsulting have partnered to combine their understanding of prepress and pressroom workflows, and enhance printers’ efficiency by automating the exchange of color data within those workflows.


System Brunner

QuadTech has partnered with System Brunner to provide commercial color control with Instrument Flight®, the only proven solution that controls three-color gray balance and midtone dot gain for optimal color control on press.