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Karl Fritchen

Karl Fritchen, President

Mr. Fritchen is President of QuadTech. He is responsible for the overall direction of the company, and for establishing global strategic partnerships. Day-to-day, Mr. Fritchen sets company policies and practices, establishes and carries out the corporate mission, values, and vision. He is directly responsible for executive leadership of the organization and subordinate supervisors.

Mr. Fritchen is a graduate of Control Data Institute in Milwaukee, WI. He has been employed at QuadTech since 1985 in various roles—starting as Field Service Engineer, Training, Sales Manager of Asia-Pacific Operations, Director of Sales, Vice President of Sales, and President since 2002.

Vince Balistrieri

Vince Balistrieri, Vice President of Operations

Mr. Balistrieri is the Vice President of Operations of QuadTech. Under his day-to-day operations are Order Management, Purchasing, Engineering, Program Management, Training, Manufacturing, Global Service and Parts, Continuous Improvement and Quality. Mr. Balistrieri directly supports the entire value chain throughout the order process: customer order, engineering design, manufacturing and start-up, training, and commissioning. Also under his jurisdiction is new product and service development to meet the demands of printers in commercial, newspaper, and packaging markets.

Mr. Balistrieri holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He started at QuadTech in 2005 as the Director of Engineering, and now holds the position of Vice President of Operations. Prior to joining QuadTech, he worked at Johnson Controls and Rockwell Automation.

Chuck DuPont

Chuck DuPont, Director of Finance

Mr. DuPont leads the QuadTech Finance team, and supervises accounting and financial reporting functions for the company. His responsibilities include closing the books for U.S. operations and all foreign offices, preparing financial statements, and compilation of the annual monthly budget.

Mr. DuPont graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and is a Certified Public Accountant. He joined QuadTech’s parent company, Quad/Graphics, in 1985 and has fulfilled many roles in Finance and Accounting since then. Prior to working at Quad, Chuck worked in public accounting for Arthur Anderson for seven years.

Kelly Hanaway

Kelly Hanaway, Engineering Director

Mr. Hanaway is responsible for Engineering and driving new technologies from initial concept through electrical, mechanical, software and vision system product development. In this role he works closely with QuadTech’s Business Development team to align efforts.

Mr. Hanaway started at QuadTech in 2006. He brought 20 years of experience from Johnson Controls and Rockwell Automation, where he led multi-disciplinary project teams in multiple worldwide locations. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Cardinal Stritch University.

Bob Hansen

Bob Hansen, Global Sales Manager

Mr. Hansen leads the QuadTech Sales team, which is responsible for systems sales creation through direct sales of new and replacement systems with printers and OEMs. He is also engaged in the interaction with the agents and software resellers. Mr. Hansen supervises the global sales teams across Europe, India, China, Japan, and America offices. He travels the regions regularly in support of the efforts for QuadTech’s customers.

Mr. Hansen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Kearney. Prior to joining QuadTech, he served as a Regional Vice President of Sales for both WorkflowOne and RRDonnelley.

Isaam Lutfiyya

Isaam Lutfiyya, Business Development and Marketing Manager

Mr. Lutfiyya heads the QuadTech Business Development and Marketing departments. Through market research and the Competitive Intelligence Process, he supervises global strategic planning and the development and growth of new business. Mr. Lutfiyya’s day-to-day responsibilities include developing regionally-specific business plans, overseeing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) activities, and marketing through strategic and tactical activities.

Mr. Lutfiyya holds a Bachelor’s degree from Marquette University and an MBA from Cardinal Stritch University. He is currently finishing a Doctorate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Strategic Management from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. Prior to working for QuadTech, Isaam spent 20 years serving in several capacities in the healthcare industry, with his final 10 years being at Pfizer.